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“Living a Commissioned Life”
Families with elementary to college-age children. Regardless if it’s the routine of life or the busyness of life, there are many things that work against staying on mission. In this study, we will be looking at Jesus’ sending out of his disciples in Matthew 10 to explore living a “commissioned life.” Teacher: Seth Richardson. Team Leaders: Dodges.

Where: E-010

Community Pastor: Benny Parks, 205.776.5265

Shepherding Pastor: Michael Wichlan, 205.776.5283

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4/25/21–Mike Mungenast 5/30/21–Michael Wichlan
5/2/21–Mike Mungenast
5/9/21–Michael Wichlan
5/16/21–Mike Mungenast
5/23/21–Michael Wichlan