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God’s Spirit working through God’s People – Please come and join our Sunday School Community for fellowship, Bible study, encouragement, and ministry opportunities.

“For I AM the LORD Your GOD”
Families with elementary to college-age children. This quarter we will look at who God says He is, not men’s ideas of Him. We all have conceptions of God which are foundational and indispensable in our lives and worship. If we have a false or skewed understanding of God’s true character, it makes idolatry probable. We worship the God of our own minds instead of the One True I AM. We will seek to clarify a thoroughly Biblical view of God so we are honoring who He has revealed Himself to be. Teacher: Ken Friday. Team Leaders: Dodges.

Where: E-010

Community Pastor: Benny Parks, 205.776.5265

Shepherding Pastor: Michael Wichlan, 205.776.5283