Family Matters

Please come and join our Sunday School Community for fellowship, Bible study, encouragement, and ministry opportunities.

“I AM the LORD Your God”
A class for the entire family. Do you know the One True God well? If you harbor false ideas about Him, you will be hindered in life and worship greatly. God is not just an idea each person comes up with to meet their needs and desires. He is a real and objective reality and He has revealed Himself fully in Scripture. We will consider who God alone says He really is. Teacher: Ken Friday. Team Leaders: Hursts, Warlicks.

Where: S-201

Community & Shepherding Pastor: Dave Matthews, 205.776.5211

Lesson Video

3/7/21–Norris Anderson
3/14/21–Norris Anderson
4/4/21–Norris Anderson
5/6/21–Norris Anderson
5/16/21–Norris Anderson