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“Jesus’ Early Teaching”
Empty-nesters through great-grandparents. The class will focus on Luke’s presentation of Jesus the teacher, healer, and kingdom preacher. We will pay special attention to how Jesus teaches us to be members and witnesses of His kingdom in today’s world. Teacher: Paul House. Team Leaders: Dickinsons, Huffs, Morgans, Whaleys, Whitts.

Where: FH-E&F

Community/Shepherding Pastor: Dave Lewis, 205.776.5347

Lesson Audio
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11/10/19—Bruce Stallings 12/8/19—Harry Reeder 1/12/20—Steve Adams
11/17/19—Bruce Stallings 12/15/19—Stephen Cloud 1/19/20—Steve Adams
11/24/19—Bruce Stallings 12/22/19—Bryan Wintersteen
12/1/19—Ike Reeder 12/29/19—John Haines
12/2/19—John & Jenny Haines 1/5/20—Steve Adams