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“Following Jesus to the Cross: Luke”
Empty-nesters through great-grandparents. Beginning with Luke 9, this class will focus on obeying what Jesus taught as he headed toward the cross. Luke guides us toward further commitment to Christ, His mission and our current place in His kingdom. Teacher: Paul House. Team Leaders: Dickinsons, Huffs, Morgans, Whaleys, Whitts.

Where: FH-E&F

Community/Shepherding Pastor: Dave Lewis, 205.776.5347

Lesson Audio
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3/1/20—Paul House 4/12/20–Paul House 5/10/20–Tim Townes (video)
3/8/20—Paul House 4/19/20–Paul House (audio) 5/17/20–Tim Townes (video)
3/22/20–Paul House 4/19/20–Paul House (video) 5/24/20–Tim Townes (video)
3/29/20–Paul House 4/26/20–Paul House (video) 5/31/20–Tim Townes (video)
4/5/20–Paul House 5/3/20–Tim Townes (video)