Growing Together

“The Life of Joseph” • G-103
Families with preschool to high school age children • The life of Joseph is significant not only in Genesis, but in the redemptive storyline of Scripture as a whole. His life demonstrates how God’s sovereignty and human responsibility intersect. It illustrates the power of the Gospel to overcome generational sin. And Joseph, as a type of Christ, shows us how God’s providence secures us God’s promises enabling us to trust him in every situation of life. Teacher: Jim Alexander. Team Leaders: Blacks, Clays, Ellers, Iveys, Patrick Jackson. CP: Rob Looper. SP: Michael Wichlan.

Community and Shepherding Pastor: Michael Wichlan, 205.776.5283

Sunday Morning Coordinators: Zach Ivey, Matt Dennard,  Will Worrell
Socials: Michael and Amy Murphree
Girls Night Out Coordinators: Kimberly Goolsby and Sarah Ivey
E-mail Communication: Patrick Jackson
Meals: Audrey Jowers
Supper Clubs/Class Meals: Betsy Campbell

Lesson Audio

1/30/22–Michael Wichlan 4/24/22 – Kent Bailey 10/9/22 – Rob Looper
2/20/22-Michael Wichlan 5/1/22 – Russell Long 11/13/22 – Rob Looper
3/6/22-Kent Bailey 5/29/22 – Kent Bailey 11/20/22 – Rob Looper
3/13/22- Kent Bailey 6/5/22 – Stephen Cloud 11/27/22 – Rob Looper
4/3/22 – Russell and Wendy Long 10/2/22 – Rob Looper