Faithful Followers

Please come and join our Sunday School Community for fellowship, Bible study, encouragement, and ministry opportunities.

Women of all walks and stages of life. Journey with us as we walk through the book of James. In this small book we are called to live out a steadfast faith in the midst of perilous and challenging times. As Warren Wiersbe states, “James ‘pull no punches’ approach to spiritual maturity and the preference for actions over words makes his text the perfect backdrop for how to grow in faith.” Let us grow in Steadfast faith together. Teacher: Kristie Harrick. Team Leaders: Kathleen Bishop, Carolyn Campbell, Susan McCollum.

Where: Bride’s Room

Community Pastor: Chris Thompson, 205.776.5239

Shepherding Pastor: Dave Matthews, 205.776.5211


Lesson Video

3/7/21–Mark Cushman 4/11/21–Mark Cushman 5/23/21–Mark Cushman
3/14/21–Mark Cushman 4/18/21–Mark Cushman 5/30/21–Mark Cushman
3/21/21–Mark Cushman 4/25/21–Mark Cushman
3/28/21–Mark Cushman 5/2/21–Mark Cushman
4/4/21–Mark Cushman 5/16/21–Mark Cushman


Lesson Audio

5/9/21–Kristie Harrick
6/6/21–Kristie Harrick


Lesson Notes

3/7/21–Wise Builders 4/11/21–Inadequate Cleaning 5/23/21–Weeds & Wheat
3/14/21–Children in the Market 4/18/21–The Rich Fool 5/30/21–Seeds & Yeast
3/21/21–Two Debtors 4/25/21–Be Ready
3/28/21–The Good Samaritan 5/2/21–The Barren Fig Tree
4/4/21–Friend at Midnight 5/16/21–The Sower