Faithful Followers

“Colossians”• Bride’s Room
Women of all walks and stages of life • We will study Paul’s letter to the church at Colossae. In our study of Colossians, we will focus on the supremacy of Christ in both our salvation and our sanctification. We will encounter the heresies of ancient Colossae and recognize these same heresies seeking to gain a foothold in our own lives. Through the study of Colossians, we will continually be pointed towards the centrality of Christ as our Savior and Lord. Teacher: Kristie Harrick. Team Leaders: Kathleen Bishop, Carolyn Campbell, Susan McCollum. CP: Chris Thompson. SP: Dave Matthews.

Community Pastor: Chris Thompson, 205.776.5239

Shepherding Pastor: Dave Matthews, 205.776.5211


Audio Files

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