Dr. Frank Barker Bible Teaching

Teaching from Briarwood’s Founding Pastor, Dr. Frank M. Barker, Jr. can now be heard on iTunes. You may also subscribe to receive updates as they are posted:

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Currently listed:

Genesis (14 messages)

Exodus (11 messages)

Leviticus (8 messages)

Numbers (9 messages)

Deuteronomy (5 messages)

Joshua (6 messages)

Job (8 messages)

Psalms (28 messages)

Proverbs (8 messages)

Isaiah (41 messages)

Jeremiah (19 messages)

The Minor Prophets (17 messages)

Mark (10 messages)

Revelation  (7 messages)

The God of glory and grace providentially called home and into His presence Frank M. Barker, Jr. on December 27, 2021.

Click here to read a statement honoring his homegoing.