The Purpose of Sunday School Communities
The purpose of Briarwood’s Sunday School Community Ministry is to teach consistently the whole counsel of God in the context of our congregational communities; to encourage the fellowship of believers; and to build disciples by equipping Christians to make an impact for Jesus Christ, beginning in the home and church and moving to Birmingham and beyond.

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Sunday School Classes Information
The summer quarter is June 5–August 28. For class information, read below.



College Community

“Everything from Evangelism to World Religions” • Room: A-201
We will be covering various topics this summer that include evangelism, apologetics, church history and world religions. Teachers: Max Bunn & others. Team Leaders: Carlisles, Leibs. CP: Max Bunn. SP: Benny Parks.

Graduates and Career (G&C)

“Designed by God” • M-202
A community for graduates to early 30s. • God has personally, intentionally and intricately designed each person for His Glory. In this very practical and insightful study, we will consider our design by God including a study of our spiritual gifts, our talents, our God-given passions and much more in order to use these for the Glory of God with the people of God. Teacher: Benny Youngblood. Team Leaders: Logsdons, Gewins, & Haynes. CP: Stephen King. SP: Benny Parks.

Leveraging Life

“Hebrews” • M-210
A community for 30’s and 40’s. • The book of Hebrews was written to encourage first-century Christians to keep their faith in Jesus while under great persecution. Hebrews reminds them that Jesus is crowned with glory and honor as their great Prophet, Priest and King. Join us as we consider the greatness of our Savior and seek to love Him and serve Him. Teacher: Eric Reebals. Team Leaders: Baxter, Cagle, Dale, Hester, McKnight. CP: Stephen King. SP: Benny Parks.

In One Accord

“A Regenerated Heart” • W-202
A community for 40’s and up. • We will be taking a deep dive into the Doctrine of Regeneration. How does the Holy Spirit turn man’s heart of stone to a heart of flesh? What does it look like for a believer’s life based on this new heart? Come and explore how the Holy Spirit works to bring us His salvation and sanctification. Teacher: Chris Thompson. Team Leader: Lance Garrison. CP: Chris Thompson. SP: Benny Parks.


Family Life 

“Discover Your Gifts” • Gym
A class for the entire family • The Heidelberg Catechism says that each member should consider it his duty to use his gifts readily and cheerfully for the service and enrichment of the other members. We will be studying not only spiritual gifts, but how God has created us to serve Him. Teacher: Dave Matthews. Team Leaders: Belyeus, Maces. CP & SP: Dave Matthews.

Family Matters 

“II Peter” • S-201
We will be studying the last communications of Peter to the church. Being his last, he wanted to communicate what he felt were the most important truths the church needed to hear. In his second letter, he tells us what we need to know to avoid being misled and to have our faith weakened. Teacher: Norris Anderson. Team Leaders: Hursts, Warlicks. CP & SP: Dave Matthews.


The Oaks 

“Ephesians” • M-111
Engaged and newly married couples. • We will study Paul’s rich letter to the Saints in Ephesus seeking to embrace and live out the reality that as children of God we are immensely blessed in order to be a blessing for the eternal impact of God’s glory. Teacher: Bruce Stallings. Team Leaders: Bragans, Clarks, Delks, Moores, Russells, Travers. CP & SP: Benny Youngblood.


“Biblical Instructions and Principles for Parenting” • E-004
Young married couples starting families. • Our heavenly Father is the Perfect Parent. In this course, we – very imperfect parents – will look to God’s Word for His specific instructions and for other principles applicable to bringing our children up in the training and instruction of the Lord. Teacher: Mark Travers. Team Leaders: Durbins, Flanikens, Godwins, Hodges, Iveys, Pursers. CP & SP: Benny Youngblood.



“Doctrines to Change Everyday Life” • E-006
Young couples with infants to elementary-age children. • This will be a study about learning key doctrinal foundations of the faith and then discussing how we can apply them in everyday life in order to better love God and love others. Teacher: Chase Crawford, Nathan Sasse & others. Team Leaders: Carlisles, Crawfords, Sasses, Welches. CP: Olan Stubbs. SP: Benny Youngblood.

Covenant Keepers 

“Of A Sound Mind” • E-008
Families with infants to elementary-age children. • Does the Bible discuss mental health? Does it give us insights into how to address struggles like anxiety, addictions, depression and other mental health challenges? This study will explore what the Bible says about the importance of our mind’s health and the spiritual dynamic of renewing our minds. Teacher: Ray Tucker. Team Leaders: Dixons, Jeffs, Moores (Bryant) Pettys. CP: Ryan Leib. SP: Ray Tucker.

Growing in Grace

“Philippians” • E-005
Families with infants to middle school-age children. • The Christian life is a life of joy in the midst of a broken world. In this expositional study of the book of Philippians, we will study how Paul both models the joy of Christ as well as teaches how the Gospel of grace produces the fruit of joy in our lives. Teacher: Seth Richardson. Team Leaders: Marshalls, Martins, Thompsons. CP: Eric Reebals. SP: Ray Tucker.

Heritage Builders

“Attributes of God” • FH-B
Families with infants to middle school-age children. • For I AM the LORD your God is looking to the Bible for God’s revelation of Himself. There is nothing better or more important than knowing God accurately and intimately. Our lives flourish in direct relation to our deepening communion with the one true God who is more perfect, majestic and good than we can even imagine. Teacher: Ken Friday. Team Leaders: Abernathys, Bartons, Bentleys, Bragans, Joneses, Laniers, Lotts. CP & SP: Ray Tucker


“Esther: Hope in the Dark” • E-007
Families with infants to middle school-age children. • What do you do when life turns upside down and God seems silent? The book of Esther offers hope for “such a time as this.” Join us this quarter as we explore God’s providential deliverance through unlikely people. Teacher: Stephen King. Team Leaders: Blacks, Cains, Crowes, McCurdys, Morrises, Pruitts, Stewarts, Thompsons. CP & SP: Benny Youngblood.


Firm Foundations

“Killing Sin’s Roots” • E-003
Families with preschool to high school-age children. • Many Christians focus too much on sin’s fruit and not enough on the root. We will study how to practically sever our sins at the deepest levels. Teacher: Olan Stubbs. Team Leaders: Greenes, Russ Ponder. CP: Rob Genin. SP: Michael Wichlan.

Growing Together 

“A Counselor’s Look at Key Biblical Passages” • G-103
Families with preschool to high school-age children. • “The Counseling Implications of Several Key Biblical Passages” is a study of selected passages from the Old and New Testament that frame a biblical theology for counseling as well as a blueprint for practical Christian living. Teacher: Stephen Cloud. Team Leaders: Blacks, Clays, Ellers, Iveys, Patrick Jackson. CP & SP: Michael Wichlan.

Next Step 

“Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Growth” • E-010
Families with children in high school or older. • This summer we will focus on knowing and using our spiritual gifts as well as our growth in grace and ministry to others. Teacher: Various. Team Leaders: Dodges. CP: Benny Parks. SP: Michael Wichlan.

Inside Out 

“Strength in the Valley” • FH-C
Families with children in high school or older. • Messages of hope from biblical characters who experienced adversity. Teacher: Glenn Draper. Team Leaders: Harrises, Mungenasts, Reids, Summers. CP & SP: Michael Wichlan.


“Discovering Jesus” • W-203
Families with children in high school or older. • We will be looking not so much as what Jesus did and said as much as looking into the heart of Jesus. Teacher: Mike Felton. Team Leaders: Kings. CP: Stephen Cloud. SP: Benny Youngblood.


“Timeless Truths from God’s Word” • M-200
Families with children in high school or older. • Teacher: Various. Team Leaders: Carters, Chappells, Oswells, Steelmans. CP: Seth Richardson. SP: Michael Wichlan.

Hearts and Homes 

“Philippians” • A-204
In his prison epistle to the church at Philippi, Paul paints a portrait of the life of Christ for both the early church and us. We are called to “have the mind (or attitude) of Christ.” This means we are to look to Christ as the pattern for our daily living out the Christian life. Teacher: Michael Wichlan. Team Leaders: Salmons, Sittons, Smedleys, Smithermans. CP: Bobby Parks. SP: Michael Wichlan.

R.E.A.L. Life 

“Seeds of Life” • W-204
Families with children in college or older. • A biographical history of the Christian Church. This quarter long class looks at the flow of the last 2,000 years of church history by examining significant Christians and how they responded to and changed the world around them. Teacher: Rob Genin. Team Leaders: Keffers. CP & SP: Dave Matthews.


“Testimony Through Trial” • FH-A
A class for all ages and stages in life. • Various testimonies of God’s faithfulness through trials. Teacher: Various. Team Leaders: Donaldsons, Towneses. CP: Jim Alexander. SP: Benny Youngblood.

Mountain View 

“James” • A-209
A class for all ages and stages in life. • Martin Luther wasn’t impressed with the book of James, calling it a “right strawy epistle!” And since then, James has often been a book of great interpretative difficulty for the Christian. Is it about our works? Where is the Holy Spirit? Why doesn’t it speak more of the church? Join us as we explore the book of James and look at the practical realities of our faith and their ethical implications! Teacher: Ike Reeder. Team Leaders: Adamses, Blackmons, Goebels, Lindsays, Ross, Trettel, Woods. CP & SP: Dave Lewis.


Abundant Life 

“Lessons Learned” • G-101
Empty nesters and grandparents. • We will look through various Bible passages to study Biblical truths that I have learned or am still learning. Teacher: Phil Reddick. Team Leaders: Cartwrights, Mullises, Yanceys. CP & SP: Dave Lewis.

Deeper Life

“Video Lessons with R.C. Sproul” • Chapel
Empty nesters and grandparents. • There are few expositors of scripture who are able to explain correct biblical thinking like R.C. Sproul. Although the Lord has taken him home, he has left us a treasury of knowledge with his videos on various pertinent Bible subjects. “If God is Sovereign, Why Pray?” and “Gaining True Assurance” are just a couple. Join us for what should be a very meaningful class experience. Team Leaders: Charles Atwater, Majorie Birdsong, Al Black, Bill & Judy Black, Bill Fox, Rick Lathem, Lee McCarty, Bill Moulton, Bill Rudd, Richard Stracner, Greg Wolchok, Charlie Woodall. CP: Chuck Morgan. SP: Dave Matthews.

Kingdom Builders 

“Learning to Love & Life the Heart of Jesus” • FH-D
Empty-nesters and grandparents. • Teacher: David Weaver. Team Leaders: McRaes, Zachows. SP & CP: Dave Lewis.


“Proverbs” • FH-E&F
Empty-nesters through great-grandparents. • The book of Proverbs provides God’s instructions for living wisely in the practical affairs of everyday life. We will seek to understand and apply these principles in several key areas. Teachers: Benny Parks & Christopher Frost. Team Leaders: Dickinsons, Huffs, Morgans, Whaleys, Whitts. CP & SP: Dave Lewis.

Joyful Hearts

“Jeremiah” • A-105
Empty-nesters through great-grandparents. • Behind Jeremiah’s burden for Judah in crisis, the prophet predicts a victory of God’s redemptive love and provides real hope for restoration. Teacher: Don Furuto. Team Leaders: Hulls, Mujumdars, Shaws. CP & SP: Mark Cushman.


Women Impacting The World

“What in the World is Going On?” • A-205
Women of all walks and stages of life. • What is God’s heart, design, and plan for the Nations? We will search the scriptures together to learn more about God’s love for the Nations, His strategy to reach the Nations, and Briarwood’s specific engagement with the Nations through our global missions team and our international supported missionaries around the globe. Teacher: Bryan Wintersteen. Team Leaders: Donna Arrington, Tricia Corbett, Vicki Portis. CP & SP: Dave Lewis.

Faithful Followers 

“Ephesians” • Bride’s Room
Women of all walks and stages of life. • Know and be who you are in Christ. In Ephesians, believers learn who they truly are in Christ and how they are to walk in that truth. Fortified in the knowledge that they are sons of God, believers discover how to live and serve in love and unity. Teacher: Tami Wells. Team Leaders: Kathleen Bishop, Carolyn Campbell, Susan McCollum. CP: Chris Thompson. SP: Dave Matthews.


International Community 

“Knowing God” 9:30–10:30 a.m., E-218, School Library
English-speaking internationals. • True peace is to have peace with God. Join us as we read through stories of the Bible. We will learn about God’s character, as well as take an honest look at our human nature – all while discovering how to have peace and relationship with God. Teacher: Taylor Barnes. Team Leaders: Taylor Barnes, Entrekins, Kelsos, Ann Lindsey, David Morgan, Neills, Miriam Rueger. CP: Taylor Barnes. SP: Bryan Wintersteen.

Japanese Community

Sundays, 1:30 p.m., G-101 & Zoom
Pastor Kotaro Hamamatsu 205.776.5412

Korean Community

Sundays at 11:20 a.m., Streaming

Hispanic Community

10:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
5521 Double Oak Lane (off Highway 119), and Streaming
CP: Joel Acevedo