The Purpose of Sunday School Communities
The purpose of Briarwood’s Sunday School Community Ministry is to teach consistently the whole counsel of God in the context of our congregational communities; to encourage the fellowship of believers; and to build disciples by equipping Christians to make an impact for Jesus Christ, beginning in the home and church and moving to Birmingham and beyond. 

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Sunday School Classes Information
The winter quarter is December 4, 2022 – February 26, 2023 For class information, read below.



College Community

“Spiritual Formation” • Room: A-201
College age • We will be looking at what it means to be transformed into the image of Christ. Teacher: Mark Purser. Team Leaders: Carlisles, Leibs. CP: Max Bunn. SP: Benny Parks.


“Jesus and the Upper Room” • W-202
A community of singles & couples • This quarter we will be studying the Upper Room Discourse and the lessons that Jesus taught His disciples as the cross was looming. These lessons were not just for them, “but also for those who will believe in Him through their word,” (Jn. 17:20). Teacher: Stephen King. Various. Team Leaders: Barrs, Fisher, Galbreath, Kalehoffs, Moore, Peed, Prinz, Schor, Weaver. CP & SP: Stephen King.

Graduates and Career (G&C)

“Leveraging Your Life for the Kingdom” • M-202
A community for graduates to early 30’s • Learning how to view our lives through the lens of the great commission. Seeing that as we go through our lives Jesus calls us to make disciples. This mission includes all areas and all seasons of our lives. Teacher: Tyler Clark. Team Leaders: Logsdons, Gewins, & Haynes. CP & SP: Benny Parks.

Leveraging Life

“Gospel Fluency” • A-210
A community for singles in their 30’s and 40’s • In December, we will join the Branches SS Community in W-202. January-February we will study Gospel Fluency in A-210. Teacher: Russell Long. Team Leaders: Baxter, Cagle, Dale, Hester, McKnight. CP & SP: Benny Parks.

In One Accord

“Faith, Work & Economics” • M-210
A community for 40’s and up • We will explore how our Christian faith should shape our view of work and apply that to how we should understand economics. Teacher: Paul Cleveland. Team Leader: Lance Garrison. CP: Chris Thompson. SP: Benny Parks.



The Oaks 

“Biblical Instructions and Principles for Parenting” • M-111
Engaged and newly married couples • Our heavenly Father is the Perfect parent. In this course, we-very imperfect parents-will look to God’s Word for His specific instructions and for other principles applicable to bringing children up in the training and instruction of the Lord. This study is beneficial for couples who have just begun parenting and even for those who have not. Teacher: Mark Travers. Team Leaders: Bragans, Clarks, Delks, Moores, Russells, Travers. CP & SP: Stephen King.


“Hiding and Hoping in Christ” • E-004
Young married couples starting families • Since the fall of Adam and Eve all of us have been looking for ways to hide our guilt and shame. We seek to run from the pain and hardship of life. Ultimately only Christ can heal and help us. We will look practically at what it means to repent of the sinful ways we try to deal with our sin on our own and how we can and put our hope more fully and practically in Christ. Teacher: Olan Stubbs. Team Leaders: Bardins, Durbins, Godwins, Hodges, Ogdens. CP & SP: Stephen King.




“The Gospel of Mark” • E-006
Young couples with infants to elementary age children • We will be studying the Kingship of Jesus through the book of Mark and how it applies to our everyday life and mission as believers. Teacher: Jay Shaw. Team Leaders: Carlisles, Crawfords, Sasses, Welches. CP: Olan Stubbs. SP: Stephen King.

Covenant Keepers 

“Luke: From Bethlehem to Jerusalem” • E-008
Families with infants to elementary age children • We will begin with Advent and Christmas and then move into the parables, teachings, Easter, and Ascension. Teacher: David Wells. Team Leaders: Dixons, Jeffs, Moores (Bryant) Pettys. CP: Ryan Leib. SP: Ray Tucker.

Growing in Grace

“Exploring the Heart of God” • E-005
Families with infants to middle school age children • Because of our sin nature, we all have a default mode to misunderstand God’s heart for his people. Understanding the heart of our Triune God can help our “inner Pharisee” find rest, while calling our “inner prodigal son” out of shame and guilt. Largely influenced by Dane Ortlund’s book, Gentle and Lowly, we will spend time this quarter diving in to what the Bible says about God’s love toward His people. Teacher: Ryan Akers. Team Leaders: Marshalls, Martins, Thompsons. CP: Eric Reebals. SP: Ray Tucker.

Heritage Builders

“I Samuel” • FH-B
Families with infants to middle school age children • We will explore Israel through the lives of Hannah, Samuel, Saul, Jonathan and especially David. We will be challenged in our obedience to His Word, reminded of God’s faithfulness to His covenant and encouraged by God’s presence and power! Teachers: Benny Parks & Christopher Frost. Team Leaders: Abernathys, Bartons, Bentleys, Bragans, Joneses, Laniers, Lotts. CP & SP: Ray Tucker.


“One Another: Life Together in Christian Community” • E-007
Families with infants to middle school age children • The Bible tells us that it is “good and pleasant” when we dwell together in Christian community (Ps. 133:1). Join us this quarter as we study a selection of the “one another” commands in the Bible. Learn how living these principles will breathe new life into us as individuals, as families, and as communities within our church. Teachers: JD Bragan, Todd Carlisle & Thomas Garner. Team Leaders: Blacks, Cains, Crowes, McCurdys, Morrises, Pruitts, Stewarts, Thompsons. CP & SP: Benny Youngblood.



Family Life 

“Selected Psalms” • W-203
A class for the entire family • The book of Psalms expresses worship. Throughout its many pages, Psalms encourages its readers to praise God for who He is and what He has done. The Psalms illuminate the greatness of our God, affirm His faithfulness to us in times of trouble and remind us of the absolute centrality of His Word. This quarter will allow us to peak into God’s majestic nature and apply the principles of God’s Word to our worship of the triune God. Teacher: Walter Leveille. Team Leaders: Belyeus, Maces. CP & SP: Dave Matthews.

Family Matters 

“Jeremiah” • S-201
A class for the entire family • Behind Jeremiah’s burden for Judah in crisis, the prophet predicts a victory for God’s redemptive love and provides real hope for restoration. Teacher: Don Furuto. Team Leaders: Hursts, Warlicks. CP & SP: Dave Matthews.



Firm Foundations

“The Emotions, the Heart and the Gospel” • E-003
Families with preschool to high school age children • How are we to think about how we feel? This quarter we will study the theme of the heart in scripture – with a particular emphasis on our emotions – with the hopes of learning and applying the truths of God’s Word to the “inner man” in our everyday lives. Teacher: Micah Evans. Team Leaders: Greenes, Russ Ponder. CP: Rob Genin. SP: Michael Wichlan.

Growing Together 

“The Life of Joseph” • G-103
Families with preschool to high school age children • The life of Joseph is significant not only in Genesis, but in the redemptive storyline of Scripture as a whole. His life demonstrates how God’s sovereignty and human responsibility intersect. It illustrates the power of the Gospel to overcome generational sin. And Joseph, as a type of Christ, shows us how God’s providence secures us God’s promises enabling us to trust him in every situation of life. Teacher: Jim Alexander. Team Leaders: Blacks, Clays, Ellers, Iveys, Patrick Jackson. CP: Rob Looper. SP: Michael Wichlan.

Next Step 

“The Anatomy of the Soul” • E-010
Families with children in high school or older • A biblical theology of emotions with practical guidance on untangling emotions as instructed in the Psalms. Teachers: Chad Escue. Team Leaders: Dodges. CP: Benny Parks. SP: Michael Wichlan.

Inside Out 

“Institutes of the Christian Religion” • FH-C
Families with children in high school or older • We will study The Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin. Teacher: Larkin Delk. Team Leaders: Harrises, Mungenasts, Reids, Summers. CP & SP: Michael Wichlan


“In The Wilderness” • M-200
Families with children in high school or older • Highlights from the Book of Numbers. The book of Numbers contains some of the wildest stories in the Bible – from fiery snakes to talking donkeys? But, more than just oddities, these incredible stories point to Jesus and remind us that God is with His people, even in the wilderness. Teacher: Joel Richards. Team Leaders: Carters, Chappells, Oswells, Steelmans. CP & SP: Michael Wichlan.

Hearts and Homes 

“Titus” • A-204
Families with children in high school or older • This small book is addressed to a church leader and gives lots of practical instructions as to how the church is to function. There are many applications for us today. Teacher: Bobby Parks. Team Leaders: Salmons, Sittons, Smedleys, Smithermans. CP: Bobby Parks. SP: Michael Wichlan.

R.E.A.L. Life 

“Discovering Jesus” • W-204
Families with children in college or older • We will be looking not so much at what Jesus did and said as much as looking into the heart of Jesus. Teacher: Mike Felton. Team Leaders: Keffers. CP & SP: Dave Matthews.


“12 Ordinary Men” • FH-A
A class for all ages and stages in life • A study of 12 ordinary men who transition from being disciples to apostles; resulting in turning the world upside down. Teacher: Jim Carlson. Team Leaders: Donaldsons, Towneses. CP: Jim Alexander. SP: Benny Youngblood.

Mountain View 

“Navigating Through Deep Waters” • A-209
A class for all ages and stages in life • Looking at Biblical characters who walked through adversity. Teacher: Glenn Draper. Team Leaders: Adamses, Blackmons, Goebels, Lindsays, Ross, Trettel, Woods. CP & SP: Dave Lewis.



Abundant Life 

“Seeds of Faith” • G-101
Empty nesters and grandparents • A biographical history of the Christian church: this is a basic overview of 2000 years of Christian history told through the biographies of important saints in each era. Teacher: Rob Genin. Team Leaders: Cartwrights, Mullises, Reddicks, Yanceys. CP & SP: Dave Lewis.

Deeper Life

“James” • Chapel
Empty nesters and grandparents • We will study the book of James to seek the wisdom from the Lord with a desire to grow in being “doers” of The Word and not simply “hearers”. Teacher: Bruce Stallings. Team Leaders: Charles Atwater, Majorie Birdsong, Al Black, Bill & Judy Black, Bill Fox, Rick Lathem, Lee McCarty, Bill Moulton, Bill Rudd, Richard Stracner, Greg Wolchok, Charlie Woodall. CP: Chuck Morgan. SP: Dave Matthews.


“Encounters With God” • FH-E&F
Empty-nesters through great-grandparents • This is a series of snapshots from the Old Testament where people talked with God face to face, or people received a message from God directly from an angel or from one of God’s prophets. We will focus on how we can apply the lessons learned from these Old Testament events. Teacher: Rick Neel. Team Leaders: Dickinsons, Huffs, Morgans, Whaleys, Whitts. CP & SP: Dave Lewis.

Joyful Hearts

“James” • A-105
Empty-nesters through great-grandparents • Many scholars think James is the first New Testament book written. It deals more with the practice of the Christian faith than with its precepts; as its teaching has its roots in Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount. It was written to encourage those to whom it is addressed to bear their trials patiently and to warn them against certain errors of doctrine and practice. James has also been called the “Proverbs of the New Testament.” Teacher: Dave Matthews. Team Leaders: Hulls, Mujumdars, Shaws. CP & SP: Dave Matthews.

Kingdom Builders 

“Hebrews” • FH-D
Empty-nesters and grandparents • We will study sound doctrine applied to the believer’s everyday walk in Christ. Teacher: Larkin Delk. Team Leaders: McRaes, Zachows. SP & CP: Dave Lewis.



Women Impacting The World

“God and You” • A-205
Women of all walks and stages of life • We will study the attributes of God by using the None Like Him by Jen Wilkin and we will explore how we should respond to God’s character traits. Teacher: Larry Childs. Team Leaders: Donna Arrington, Tricia Corbett, Vicki Portis. CP & SP: Dave Lewis.

Faithful Followers 

“Psalms” • Bride’s Room
Women of all walks and stages of life • This will be an in-depth study of the book of Psalms. Calvin called this book “An Anatomy of all parts of the Soul” for there is not an emotion of which anyone can be conscious that is not here represented as in a mirror. Or rather, the Holy Spirit has here drawn to the life all the griefs, fears, doubts, hopes, cares, perplexities, and in short, all the distracting emotions with which the minds of men are wont to be agitated. The book of Psalms will encourage us in our times of sorrow and refresh us in our seasons of joy. We will look at twelve different Psalms and see how each one points us to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In other words, it will be exciting to find Christ in the Psalms. Teacher: Yvonne Welch. Team Leaders: Kathleen Bishop, Carolyn Campbell, Susan McCollum. CP: Chris Thompson. SP: Dave Matthews.



International Community 

“Knowing God” 9:30–10:30 a.m. • E-218, School Library
English-speaking internationals • True peace is to have peace with God. Join us as we read through stories of the Bible. We will learn about God’s character, as well as take an honest look at our human nature – all while discovering how to have peace and relationship with God and others. Teacher: Taylor Barnes. Team Leaders: Taylor Barnes, Entrekins, Kelsos, Ann Lindsey, David Morgan, Neills, Miriam Rueger. CP: Taylor Barnes. SP: Bryan Wintersteen.

Japanese Community

Sundays, 1:30 p.m., G-101 & Zoom
Pastor Kotaro Hamamatsu 205.776.5412

Korean Community

Sundays at 11:20 a.m., 2209 Rocky Ridge Rd. CP: Sunghoon Shin

Hispanic Community

10:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
5521 Double Oak Lane (off Highway 119), and Streaming
CP: Joel Acevedo



CP: Community Pastor
Serves alongside a Shepherding Team to provide shepherding care, class leadership, and biblical training for a Sunday School Community.

SP: Shepherding Pastor
Serves as a Community Pastor in one or more Sunday School Communities. Coordinates the work of other CP’s within his group of Communities. 

A: Administration
C: Children’s Wing
E: Educational Building
FH: Fellowship Hall
G: Gym Wing
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