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Power Of Promises (POP) Summer Plan

For those Briarwood members who have not yet signed up, but would like to participate in our summer POP plan, register by scrolling down to receive the remaining summer POP boxes.

Briarwood members who register their child online will receive a box of materials each week. The box will be dropped off on the member’s doorstep prior to our Summer POP lesson that will be posted on Wednesday of each week.

Each box will include object lessons, crafts, supplies, discussion questions (and even some fun, unexpected items) that the kids will use to interact with our weekly lesson.

In addition, we will be leaving our VBS content online for the entire summer. If you would like to put your own box together and have VBS at a different time, a suggested schedule and supply list is posted as well on our Children’s Ministries page.

We are looking forward to seeing your children’s faith “POP” this summer as they learn to stand on the Powerful Promises of God. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Partnering with you,

John M. Evans, Briarwood Children’s Pastor




Briarwood’s Children’s Ministry desires to partner with parents to lead children to a saving, growing relationship with Christ by presenting the gospel, training children to worship, and equipping them to impact others for God’s glory.

Children’s Ministry Values:

  1. Nurturing Environment – Our desire is to be relationally connected to each family and to provide an atmosphere where every child feels loved, valued, respected, accepted, cared for and safe. We will pursue an environment where every parent is confident concerning the well-being of their child while participating in the life of the church.
  2. Christ – Centered – Our teaching, curriculum, and programs will be Christ-centered and taught from a Biblical worldview perspective. We will accomplish this in a fun-filled way utilizing creative teaching styles.
  3. Spiritual Growth – Our desire is to point our covenant children to an intimate relationship with Christ, whereby they want to follow God’s will instead of their own, and know there is no greater joy than being in the center of God’s will.  Our staff and leaders will point them to God’s Truth by studying God’s Word, memorizing Scripture, praying for them and with them and praying for their families as well.

For more information regarding Children’s Ministries, contact Page Dollar at 776-5526.

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