Women Business Leaders

About WBL
WBL was formed in 2014 by their brother ministry, YBL, a faith-based group of men in the Birmingham marketplace who have been impacting the business world for Christ since 1981. WBL recognizes that God calls each working woman into the marketplace—creatively saturating her workplace, her home, her relationships, and her city with His image, causing life in and around her to flourish.

Our Mission
WBL (Women Business Leaders) transforms the marketplace by pointing women to Christ, encouraging them in their faith and helping them make a difference in their workplace and home for God’s glory.

Small Groups
Monday through Friday the women of WBL can be found in prayer, fellowship, and accountability with groups of businesswomen at various locations around the city. We typically meet during lunch hour to accommodate work schedules. If you’d like to learn more about joining a Small Group please reach out to our Director, Sharon Head at sharon@wblbirmingham.org.

Balancing career and family? Starting or closing a business? Navigating a new career path? Dealing with personal situations? Our mentoring program will connect you with a seasoned godly woman whose wisdom and experience can help you see things in biblical perspective and offer input in dealing with these issues. Contact us to learn more about our mentoring program and how you can be a part of it.

Outreach Events
Our luncheons and events provide a professional environment for women to hear encouraging faith-stories from businesswomen who overcame personal and workplace challenges.

Watch our Fall 2021 Luncheon with Cindi Filer

Watch our 2020 Spring Luncheon featuring Lauren Sisler, ESPN Sports Reporter.

Support WBL
WBL relies on Ministry Partners to support our mission to raise up Christian leaders and invest in developing them. Your gift supports women being reached and trained to be next-generation Kingdom leaders. Ministry donations are tax deductible.

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For more information about WBL, please visit the WBL website wblbirmingham.org or contact WBL’s Director, Sharon Head at sharon@wblbirmingham.org.