The goal of Briarwood Fellows is to “equip a generation of leaders to live for Christ in their vocation, family, church and culture.”

Briarwood Fellows is a close-knit community of twelve (6 men and 6 women) who intentionally invest nine months (September–May) of their lives to work toward this goal. We believe God has called us to live an integrated or “seamless” life where all that we are is sacred and devoted to Christ and His Kingdom.

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Briarwood Fellows Director |
Briarwood Presbyterian Church is seeking to hire a full-time director for its Fellows program. Fellows is a nine-month annual program involving approximately 12 Christian recent colleges graduates. Its purpose is to equip them to start their careers well by integrating their life in vocation, church, family, and culture seamlessly. The program includes theological training, paid internships, rich community, ministry involvement, discipleship mentoring and individual vocational assessments. Graduates of the program are thereby enabled to discern God’s calling on their lives as servant leaders. The Fellows director must be a college graduate, faithfully committed to the local church and reformed theology. They must be passionate in mentoring by example in both leadership and disciple making. Relational recruiting for each subsequent class is required while the current class is directed and overseen. Interested individuals should contact Amy Lattner at