Young Business Leaders

YBL transforms the marketplace by winning men to Christ, building them in their faith and sending them out locally, nationally, and internationally for God’s glory.

Founded in 1981, Young Business Leaders [YBL] is a Board-directed Ministry that presents the word of God to businessmen and professionals and offers tools and environment to facilitate spiritual growth. YBL’s impact is made primarily by establishing men in the basics of the Christian life, and equipping them to share their faith and to disciple their colleagues in the business community.

Young Business Leaders adheres to the Christ-modeled example of discipling men by winning them to Christ and establishing them in their faith. The four main ministry functions designed to facilitate YBL’s ministry strategy include:


Breakfast or dinner banquets, hosted quarterly in a professional setting, feature a prominent Christian speaker (businessmen, professional athletes, etc.) with a clear gospel message. Over 2,500 invitations (which also encourage invitation by “word-of-mouth”) are sent to area businessmen and professionals. Banquet participants complete comment cards that facilitate effective follow-up regarding their reaction to the gospel message. Past featured banquet speakers include Mr. Jack Eckerd, founder of Eckerd Drugstore Chain, Mr. Dave Dravecky, pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, Adolph Coors IV, president of Coors Family Business Investments in Golden, CO, Dan Cathy CEO of Chick-Fil-A, John Smoltz, Atlanta Braves Pitcher, and Captain Jeff Struecker, Task Force Ranger featured in the movie Black Hawk Down.


Based on comment card responses, banquet participants are contacted within three weeks. Comment cards provide banquet participants the opportunity to 1) indicate a decision for Christ, 2) note interest in a three-week investigative Bible study, 3) note interest in a more in-depth, 12-14 week Bible study, and/or 4) simply be notified of pending YBL events. YBL staff members coordinate the follow-up effort, but initial contact is generally made by the YBL Follow-Up Committee, comprised of YBL small group participants. Contact made by Follow-Up Committee members provides an opportunity for individual contact with each banquet participant.


As a direct result of banquet follow-up, interested businessmen may participate in the staff-led, small-group Bible studies mentioned on the banquet comment card. YBL’s three-week, Investigative Study focuses on the validity of God’s word, God’s purpose for our lives, and basic teachings of the Bible. The Majors Study [12-to-14 weeks] concentrates on topics such as assurance of salvation, God’s forgiveness, knowing God, and the Lordship of Christ.


The laymen-led, long-term accountability groups, which focus on establishing and equipping men in their faith (discipleship), are YBL’s cornerstone ministry function. God uses the dynamics of these small, long-term groups to initiate significant, positive life changes for Christ.

For more information, visit the YBL Website or contact Rob Genin 205.776.5455.