“Sermon on the Mount”
Young couples with infants to elementary age children. We’ll be looking at the greatest sermon ever preached and what Jesus’s message means for us today. Teachers: W. Anderson, C. Crawford, M. Hayes, N. Sasse. Team Leaders: Carlisles, Crawfords, Sasses, Welches.

Where: E-006

Community Pastors: Olan Stubbs, 205.776.5510; Westby Anderson, 205.776.5584

Shepherding Pastor: Jason Ellerbee, 205.776.5335

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3/7/21–J.D. Bragan 5/2/21–Jason Ellerbee
3/14/21–Jason Ellerbee
3/21/21–Jason Ellerbee
3/28/21–Jason Ellerbee
4/11/21–Jason Ellerbee