Deeper Life

Please come and join our Sunday School Community for fellowship, Bible study, encouragement, and ministry opportunities. We emphasize praise and worship.

“Seeds of Faith”
Empty-nesters and grandparents. A biographical history of the Christian church. This study explores God’s providence in history through examining the lives of special saints whom He has raised up throughout the ages. Teacher: Rob Genin. Team Leaders: Charles Atwater, Majorie Birdsong, Al Black, Bill & Judy Black, Bill Fox, Rick Lathem, Lee McCarty, Bill Moulton, Bill Rudd, Richard Stracner, Greg Wolchock, Charlie Woodall.

Where: Chapel

Community Pastor: Chuck Morgan

Shepherding Pastor: Dave Matthews, 205.776.5211


Lesson Video

3/7/21–Walter Leveille 4/11/21–Walter Leveille 5/16/21–Walter Leveille
3/14/21–Walter Leveille 4/18/21–Walter Leveille 5/23/21–Walter Leveille
3/21/21–Walter Leveille 4/25/21–Walter Leveille 5/30/21–Walter Leveille
3/28/21–Walter Leveille 5/2/21–Walter Leveille 6/6/21–Rob Genin
4/4/21–Walter Leveille 5/9/21–Walter Leveille 6/13/21–Rob Genin