Kingdom Builders

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“12 Ordinary Men”
Empty Nesters and grandparents.

A study of 12 ordinary men who transition from being disciples to apostles, resulting in the world turing upside down. Teacher: Jim Carlson. Team Leaders: McRaes, Zachows. 

Where: FH-D

Community and Shepherding Pastor: Dave Lewis, 205.776.5347

Lesson Recordings

1/23/22–Rick Neel 3/13/22–Jim Carlson 5/1/22–Jim Carlson
2/6/22–Rick Neel 3/27/22–Jim Carlson 5/8/22–Jim Carlson
2/13/22–Rick Neel 4/3/22–Jim Carlson 5/15/22–Jim Carlson
2/20/22–Rick Neel 4/10/22–Jim Carlson
3/6/22–Jim Carlson 4/17/22–Jim Carlson