Inside Out

Please come and join our Sunday School Community for fellowship, Bible study, encouragement, and ministry opportunities.

“Great Interviews with Jesus”
The Thirsty Woman, the Desperate Mother, a Wealthy Young Man…these and others who encountered Jesus were simply ordinary people who came face to face with the Son of God. But as they met the Savior, they left a legacy for us all. Come be a part of this “encounter” with Jesus.

Families with middle school to college age children

9:30–10:30 a.m.

Frank Barker

Team Leaders
David Harris, Tripp Reid, Scott Summers

Community Pastor
Tommy Saunders

Shepherding Pastor
Dave Lewis

Fellowship Hall C (FH-C)

Lesson Audio
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6/28/15—Frank Barker
7/5/15—Frank Barker
7/12/15—Frank Barker
7/19/15—Frank Barker 
7/26/15—David Wells