In the fall we asked for older women and younger women to volunteer to help us evaluate some different mentoring books by going through them with another person in a mentor/mentee format. The response was wonderful. The feedback we received was so helpful in weeding out resources that are not best suited in a mentoring relationship. We also received feedback from the pairs as to what they would look forward to in future mentoring relationships.

Thank you so much for your help in this. We wanted to once again open up the opportunity for new evaluators for additional books in the context of a mentoring relationship.

So what does this look like and what would you be committing to do?

  • Our office would pair up an older woman and younger woman
  • We will assign you one of the mentoring/discipleship books to go through as a pair. The books we are looking at are all low-level in terms of time commitment. The homework requirement is just to read the chapter each week. The chapter will be the basis for the conversations between the pair.
  • You will commit to meet together (by phone, Facetime, or of your own choosing) once a week to talk through the chapter and the various topics it brings up.
  • All of the books we are evaluating are about 12 chapters which means we would like you all to meet approximately 12 weeks in total. We would start in February and end before Memorial Day.
  • At the end of the time together, we would like to get feedback from you about the book. Was it helpful in guiding topics of discussion? Did it provide good questions for the pair to think through? Did it point the pair to the Word and to a deeper understanding of the Lord? Would you recommend this book as a help or guide in mentoring/discipleship conversations?

While it is not an expectation – our hope is the pair would make a good connection and growing friendship as they have shared their lives with one another for 12 weeks.

Please use the form below to signup, if you are interested.

If you participated in the Fall, you should have received an email from Kristie Harrick about the Spring semester.  If you have not, please email