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Recent Conferences

Women’s In-Town Retreat 2024
“By Design” with speaker Courtney Denton


Current Studies

Ezra & Nehemiah
Study Overview – After 70 years of exile in Babylon, the people of Judah are returning home!  Join us for a study of Ezra and Nehemiah as we explore the goals of the people of Judah and the obstacles they faced in rebuilding their country and the Temple.

1 & 2 Peter (part 2)
Study Overview – We will continue our study in 1 Peter and in 2 Peter.  Peter’s epistles are a rallying cry for hope. Written to a young church facing intensifying persecution, they showcase the living hope of the gospel even when living through trials and tribulation. Through this 10-week study, Lydia Brownback explores the theme of suffering in Peter’s letters, displaying how God uses hope, humility, and holiness to prepare believers for their final home in heaven. As we resume our bible studies in January, we will begin with I Peter 4-5, continuing to look at sharing in the sufferings of Christ. We will then continue to examine II Peter for his encouragement and warnings to the local church for the remainder of the winter/spring session. Required Book: 1-2 Peter: Living Hope in a Hard World by Lydia Brownback

Study Overview – Paul’s letter to Titus gives great insight into the importance of church organization, church leaders, and sound doctrine that results in godly living. As we as a Briarwood family continue in our season of transition, join us for a close look at Paul’s instructions and to learn how we can pray over our leaders during this unique time at Briarwood.

2 Kings
Study Overview – 2 Kings is a continuation of the narrative covered in 1 Kings.   We will continue to watch the Lord’s compassion for His people as they continue to spiral in their sinfulness.  As the Lord provides repentance opportunities we watch as Israel and Judah make choices that lead to exile. This study will guide us to understand the intentions of the author, the questions and issues raised in particular passages, and help explain the Scripture in an accessible way that makes sense for daily Christian living.

Study Overview – Do you ever wrestle with a nagging sense of disappointment and find yourself longing for something better? The book of Hebrews shows us that there is something better than superficial spirituality, better than meaningless ritual, better than a life bound by shame and regret. “God had planned something better for us.” Hebrews 11:40

Study Overview – “John is both the simplest and the most profound of  the Gospels. Its language is so pure and  simple in the Greek that beginning students are always directed to the study of John  first. This is a remarkable testimony to the divine inspiration of this amazing book.” (NAS Study Bible) This will be a 10 week study of the book of John. Come and be blessed as we learn more about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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