World Orphan Outreach

Mission Statement

World Orphan Outreach exists to “bring justice to the fatherless” (Isaiah 1:17) by reaching out to orphans around the world with the love of Christ for the glory of God.


Mobilizing Briarwood members to be actively engaged in world orphan outreach by:

  • Educating:

We will create awareness of the world orphan crisis and the biblical basis for our response. 

  • Motivating:

We will present needs and opportunities that provide a means for the people of Briarwood to pursue God’s call to minister to orphans.

  • Equipping:

We will serve as a “resource center” for evaluating and facilitating possible  orphan outreach partnerships and projects.


The following values will serve as guiding principles to direct our decisions and actions.

  • Ministry that is Christ-centered and gospel-driven.
  • Outreach that addresses both the spiritual needs and physical needs of orphans.
  • Opportunities for working alongside other Briarwood ministries and Briarwood-supported international staff.
  • Partnerships with other organizations that are like-minded theologically and philosophically.
  • Briarwood is committed to approaches in orphan ministry that truly enrich the life of an orphan without smothering or creating dependence.