Global Ministry Team Members

These Briarwood members serve as the Global Ministry Team which oversees and guides your international ministry. They are responsible for communication with international staff and the financial distribution of Faith Promise.

Bob Turnbull, Chairman

Susan McCollum, Sub Group Leader
Scott Austin
Walter and Judy Brough
Carolyn Campbell
Tom and Donna Chappell
Kent and Faye Kelso
James Lucas
Christie McKinney
Don and Sue Myers
Carey and Lynne Sullivan
Ed and Laree Hart
LG and Elaine Wright


Ray Lewis, Sub Group Leader
David Clark
Charles and Joyce Daniel
Liz Entrekin
Marland and Betsy Hayes
Mark Macoy
Clark and Pam Schatz
Kathy Smith
Ed Stakes
Bob and Mary Anne Turnbull
Kim Vandergriff
Melody Young

Warren and Linda Smedley, Sub Group Leaders
Leslie Cushman
Jim and Michelle Gewin
Ann Leopard
Pattie Martin
Stephen Wadsworth

Latin America

Will Clark, Sub Group Leader
Barbara Clark
Chuck DeWitt
Mark Edwards
Carter and Cindy Harsh
Louie and Rebecca Haynes
Laverne Lamb
George and Kay Lummis
Nick and Donna Moreman
Andy and Noelle Miller
George and Karole Whaley

Oceania & U.S.

Jake & Linda Cobb, Sub Group Leaders
Jim and Libby Bragan
Lynn Green
Susan Liddell
Horace and Mary Jane Sanders
Dale and Linda Sitton

If you would like more information about serving on the Global Ministry Team,
contact The Missions Office.