Local Internationals

bio logo grayThe Briarwood International Outreach (BIO) is the local, global ministry of Briarwood. BIO consists of two major focuses, our International Student/Scholar Ministry and our Ethnic Congregation (heart language) ministry.








English Speaking Outreach

This aspect of the Briarwood International Outreach is largely a ministry to international students and scholars at local universities. The nations have come to us as short-term visa holders and we want to be faithful to share Christ’s love and the good news to them while among us. This ministry includes English-speaking permanent residents and immigrants as well as a number of (American) volunteers. We have is multi-faceted approach, offering a number of venues for outreach and discipleship. Learn more about these ministries by visiting the links below or our website designed for international students and scholars at www.biostudents.org.

 Japanese Congregation

Ethnic Congregations

At Briarwood, we believe in the value of reaching and discipling internationals in their “heart language.” Twenty years ago, Japanese and Korean languages congregations were formed as a function of the Missions ministry. The Hispanic congregation began meeting in the year 2000.  Each of these ministries is served by a language specific pastor and lay leaders. Briarwood follows a “multi-congregational” model in which the ethnic ministries are fully a part of and under the leadership of our one church.

For more information, contact the B.I.O. Office at 205-776-5404