International Sunday School

Please come and join our Sunday School Community for fellowship, Bible study, encouragement, and ministry opportunities.

Sunday School 3

“Hebrews, Part 2”
Hebrews is a marvelous portrait of Jesus Christ seen through the lens of the Old Testament. We will see the superiority of Christ over the prophets, angels, Moses, priests, and the whole Old Testament system. He is the new priest with the new sacrifice that establishes a new covenant between God and His people.

For: American volunteers and English-speaking internationals who want to grow in a relationship with Christ, or learn more about God and His Word.

Time: 9:30–10:30 a.m.

Teacher: Jacob Jasin

Team Leaders: Chans, Kelsos, Ann Lindsey, David Morgan, Miriam Rueger

Community Pastor: Jacob Jasin

Shepherding Pastor: Bryan Wintersteen

Where: E-218 (School Library)