Raiders (7th–8th)

Wednesday Nights at The Barn

Raiders Meeting
6:30 p.m.–8:00 p.m.
Join us on Wednesday Nights at The Barn for an opportunity to be renewed and refreshed through a time of community, worship and teaching of God’s Word. We encourage the students to invite their non-Christian friends to these meetings. Raiders and BYG start and end with a 30-minute buffer. This is designed to help parking flow. If you have a Raider, please pick them up no later than 8:15 p.m. If you have a senior High student, please pick up between 8:30 p.m.– 8:45 p.m. Do not arrive earlier than 8:30 p.m., or you will be in the Raider’s parking line. If you have both, please pick up between 8:30 p.m.–8:45 p.m.


Sunday Night D-Groups

It is our desire for every single student to be in a small group. We believe these groups are a crucial part of each student’s growth in the Lord! D-Group online registration is closed. To inquire about availability, please contact the student ministry office at


Special Events

 September 17
Open Barn
Details to come

 October 29
Open Barn
Details to Come

 Winter 2022
Raiders Getaway Retreat
Dates and details to Come