History Room & Guest Reception

Immediately to your left when entering the main doors of the Worship Center, you’ll find the History Room and Guest Reception. Here in one room you can follow Briarwood’s history from its beginnings in 1960 up to today.


The story of the Green Chairs is a testimony to the faith that made Briarwood the church home for so many over the years. Here you can read the story and see one of the chairs.



Although Briarwood was founded in 1960, we’ve had only two Senior Pastors in all that time. Dr. Harry L. Reeder, on the left; Dr. Barker, our founding pastor, on the right.



The first five decades of Briarwood are depicted in a timeline of Session Notes, displayed on the top of the credenza shown in this picture, and in the five picture window boxes above.

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 historical highlights from the mos_webbriarwood memory boards-1web

briarwood memory boards-2web

briarwood memory boards-3web

briarwood memory boards-4web

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