What Fuels the Mission of the Church?





What Fuels the Mission of the Church? is part of the recommended reading list for the 2023 Global Ministries Conference. It is a condensed edition of God Shines Forth.

How the Church’s Mission and Knowledge of God Are Intertwined

Many Christians know they should be passionate about evangelism, but in reality they often find it daunting. In this concise version of God Shines Forth, Daniel Hames and Michael Reeves urge Christians to grow in their knowledge and enjoyment of God—as they know God more, they will be spurred on to authentic service through missions and evangelism. To illustrate how the nature of God influences evangelism and missions, Hames and Reeves address biblical themes such as the glory of God, Christ’s sacrifice, the fallenness of man, and the church’s future hope. They invite readers to look to Jesus as the glory of God in the world, which is the Christian’s ultimate motivation to share the love of God with others.