Revive Us Again! – Revival in Biblical Perspective




This series of sermons covers significant and selected revivals from the Bible along with illustrations from church history. What is Revival? How does it begin? What does it produce? How do believers participate in Revival? All of this and much more is addressed by Pastor Reeder in this series. His passion for the topic is evident as he opens the Scripture and helps us to not only understand revival biblically, but to also pray for it and pursue it in the 21st Century.

Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?  Psalm 85:6

Titles include:

The Portrait of a Revived Believer
The Prayer of Revival
The Need for Revival
The Profile of Revival
Revival in the Valley
Revival in Jerusalem
The Second Jerusalem Revival
The Lord’s Supper and Revival
The Rehoboam Revival
The Asa Revival—Seeking the Face of God
The Jehoshaphat Revival—Seeking the Face of God
The First Revival
Revival—The Felt and Sustained Presence of God
The Hezekiah Revival—Turn
The Josiah Revival—Humble Yourself
The Sycharian Revival
The Decapolis Revival
The Ninevah Revival
A Prophet’s Revival Prayer
Patches, Wineskins, and Revival

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