The Lord’s Prayer in Biblical Perspective




Pastor Reeder examines the Lord’s Prayer in detail, beginning with why it should be studied. Follow along as you discover new and enriched meaning to this prayer with which you have been familiar your entire life in these eleven lessons:

1. Why Study the Lord’s Prayer?
2. Learning the “Prayer of Prayers” by Unlearning the “Prayers of Vanity”
3. An Invocation of Adoration
4. Petition #1: Honoring the Holy–The Sanctity of God
5. Petition #2: Thy Kingdom Come
6. Petition #3: The Will of God–Deo Volentes
7. Petition #4: Our Daily Bread
8. Petition #5: Forgiven and Forgiving
9. Petition #6: Embracing Divine Tests While Fleeing Satan’s Temptation
10. Deliverance and the Deliverer
11. The Invitation to Exaltation

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