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Welcome to Briarwood’s Sermon Library. Here you can find chronologically all of our Sunday morning and evening sermons delivered from the Briarwood pulpit from January 2010 to date. If you would like to request a particular sermon or series not currently available online, please contact us. Sermons delivered by Briarwood staff are available in transcription form by the Friday following message delivery. You can sort sermons by any of the colored links in the title by clicking on the desired sort. Listen to a stream of the sermon audio by clicking the arrow, or save an mp3 copy of the sermon by right clicking “Download” and using the “Save as” or “Save target as” options.

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A Reluctant Prophet and a Redeeming God

The Heart of the Issue Is the Issue of the Heart

The Divine Majesty and Sufficiency of God's Word

Divine Inspiration Defined


A Gospel Call to Commit Marriage: The Best Defense is a Gospel Offense


The Assault of the Adversary and His Allies—”Lifting the Fog of War”


Parenting with Purpose and a Promise—Placing Arrows in the Hand of the Divine Warrior


Servant Leaders and Sacrificial Lovers—A Display of Christ’s Love for His Bride


Fear-Less Submission and Faith-Full Respect: Showing the Heart of the Bride of Christ


Embracing God’s Design and Experiencing Our Desire—1 + 1 = 1


The Triumph of Truth Over Technique and Trials


A Heart for the Home