Across the Kitchen Table: Talking about Trans with Your Teen




This book is part of the recommended reading for the 2024 Parenting Conference –  “Raising Up a Sexually Faithful Generation”.

Coming Soon to a Relationship Near You

  • You sit there bewildered. Across the kitchen table, your young’un has just declared “I am queer non-binary” or “this body is not who I am.” This is throwing you for a loop. Once again, you feel out of your league in this whole parenting thing.
  • Or, perhaps a friend has confessed to your teen that he or she is trans. Your child is asking you how to respond. You are at a loss.
  • Or, an uncle has begun estrogen treatments and is asking your family to use a new name for him. How do you advise your child on engaging with him? Or, is it her? How do you even interpret the request? And how do you prepare your younger children to live in and engage the now-prevalent trend in the culture?
  • Or, maybe you have seen some clothing in a drawer that stopped you in your tracks. You are putting two and two together and realizing that the child you thought you knew has begun leading a double life. At school, your child has taken on a different persona and the school authorities have not informed you, out of a fear that you wouldn’t understand what your child needs. You know you belong in the equation, but feel intimidated by the professionals. How do you win back your kid?
  • Or, savvy parent that you are, you perceive the enormous cultural changes taking place and you want to know how to teach your younger children on what they are about to encounter just outside your door.

Approximately 1.4% of youth ages 13-17 (about 300,000) and 0.5% of adults (about 1.3 million) now identify as transgender in the United States, according to the UCLA School of Law.
If Trans has not yet impacted your life or loved ones, it soon will.

Do you…
Want to be able to help a gender struggler?
Want to approach the Trans phenomena from a deeply Biblical perspective?
Want to win the teen you love?

At last, the book that can help you is here.