Overcomers Conference: Biblical Counseling Training

June 14 & 15, 2024
Briarwood Presbyterian Church

Our Conference:

So much contemporary counseling is about surviving a crisis or flourishing in momentary happiness. While neither is wrong, both are shortsighted goals, and all are often defined by progressive culture. Biblical Counseling is not only about these common human goals but also about heart transformation that results in peace with God and the peace of God even when the common human goals are unobtainable.

This training is designed to be a time of renewal for individuals and couples. No childcare will be provided. Attendees should make off-site plans for children.

For additional information, contact: Julie or Tami at 205-776-5281


Conference Schedule

Friday, June 14 – Pre-Conference

8:15 Registration and Coffee and a Munchie
9:00-10:00 Plenary 1—Dr. Howard Eyrich “Critical Theory: Origins, Influences and Implications”
10:15 Break
10:15-11:15 Plenary 2—Rev. Brian Kult “Understanding how culture attacks the sufficiency of Scripture and its impact on your counseling ministry”
11:15 Break
11:30 Plenary 3—Dr. Howard Eyrich “Biblically Informed Trauma Counseling”
12:15-1:30 Lunch (off campus)
1:30 Plenary 3—Dr. Chesley Peed “Critical Theory: Biblically Countering in Children and Youth Counseling”
2:30 Break
3:00-4:30 Conversation with the Plenary Speakers and available Workshop Presenters

Friday, June 14 – Counseling Conference

4:30 pm Registration Opens, Exhibitor Tables Open
5:45 Worship & Welcome
6:00 Plenary 1 – Dr. Kevin Carson, CEU “The Platform for Becoming an Overcomer”
7:00-7:15 Break for Refreshments
7:30 Workshop 1A and 1B
8:30 Dismiss

Saturday, June 15

8:00 am Light Breakfast Munchies, Exhibitor Tables Open
8:45 Worship
9:00 Plenary 2 – Keynote: Dr. Greg Norfleet “The Vision for the Briarwood Counseling Ministry Outreach for the Next Five Years”
10:00-10:15 Break
10:30 Workshop 2 A and 2B
11:30 Lunch Break
1:00 Plenary 3 – Dr. Kevin Carson, CEU “Solomon’s Key to Youth Becoming Overcomers”
2:00-2:15 Break
2:15 Workshop 3A, 3B, 3C
3:15 Break
3:30 Workshop 4A, 4B, 4C
4:30-5:00 Display Tables Open—Last chance to get those books you promised yourself.


Pre-Conference Sessions • Friday, June 14 

The pre-conference will consist of four plenary sessions with at least ten minutes of the hour reserved for group participation. This pre-conference enables participants to become well-informed on the roots of this thinking. The pre-conference will end with a reception in which participants will engage in a Q&A with the speakers, followed by an opportunity to mingle —both those speaking in the Pre-conference and those speaking in the main conference—any speakers on campus at this time slot. A minimum of eight CEU credits may be earned through this conference.

Critical Theory: Origins, Influences, and Implications—Dr. Howard Eyrich and Ike Reeder (Ike is a published and cited author on the subject)
No one escapes the long arm of Critical Theory. Counselees who have attended public schools since 1900 have been more and more influenced by the thinking modality of Critical Theory, yet in most instances, oblivious to this reality. In the late 20th and 21st centuries, this modality of thinking dominated politics, social media, and popular media. Biblical counselors must understand it, disconnect themselves from it, and be able to assist counselees in doing likewise. This is the goal of this plenary session.

Sufficiency of Scripture in a Culture of Relativism—Brian Kult, CEU
This plenary session is an organic extension of plenary session I. Just how does a culture of Critical Theory attach the sufficiency of Scripture and, consequently, impact the biblical counseling ministry?

Biblically Informed Trauma Counseling—Dr. Howard Eyrich, CEU
It is not uncommon today to hear Christian counselors and professors advocate “Clinically Informed Trauma Counseling. This plenary session will uncover how this thinking illustrates the influence of Critical Theory. Instead of this suggested approach, the presenter will lead the group in examining a biblically informed approach to dealing with trauma.  Neuroscience provides insight into the dynamics of the mechanics of the mind (heart), but we may not allow it to override Scripture.

Critical Theory: Biblically Countering It in Children and Youth Counseling—Dr. Chesley Peed, CEU
The influence of Critical Theory thinking on the lives of children is evident in the issues they often bring to counseling. The value of the stability of biblical thinking is essential to help them navigate the world of Tansgenderism, moral relativity, and the hopelessness of being a person of color in a white world or a white person saddled with a history of being the oppressor. At least in part, we will answer the question, “How does a biblical counselor give children the hope of the Gospel with its benefits of identity and purpose?


Conference Sessions • June 14 & 15

Friday Night, June 14

Plenary Session I    The Platform for Becoming an Overcomer—Dr. Kevin Carson
In this session, Dr. Carson will help build the foundation of responding to individual pressures in one’s life from the world around us. Key elements to the foundation of becoming an overcomer include understanding what motivates living for the glory of God, the goal in our response to pressure, and the first steps in the response to one’s stress (Romans 12:1-2)

WK-1A Changing Perspective, the Missing Ingredient of Hope—Dr. Andy Wisner, CEU
The world, the flesh, and the Devil influence our attitude and perspective by influencing our thinking. We are constantly being pressed to accept wisdom and understanding that does not come from God. This seminar will teach how to biblically combat the onslaught of unbiblical wisdom and perspective by equipping students and counselors to fight the battle for a biblical mind and attitude. Out attitude often means the difference between joy and sadness, fear and courage, and success or failure.

WK-1B Psychologized Culture and Drug Therapy—Dr. Butch Mullins, CEU
This session is presented through the lens of a career hospital pharmacist who is a certified biblical counselor. The session will filter through the myths, terms, and medication used in psychiatry and how to biblically speak to those we counsel about their experience with our cultural reality. A brief overview of current medications used in psychotherapy will also be discussed.

WK-1C Exploring the Life of an Abased* Woman–Carol Sitton, CEU
This workshop is designed to explore the meaning of abased (lower in rank, office, prestige, or esteem or value) and how it differs from abuse. We will explore common behavior and thinking patterns observed in counseling women who have been abased and the challenges experienced in counseling these women. Jesus’ tender yet reality-specific interchange with the Samaritan woman in John 4 and the wonderful reality of Romans 6:1-13 will frame the biblical counseling approach.

*Unfortunately, our culture has tended to lump women who are occasionally disrespected and women who have been dehumanized into the same category called abuse. In doing so, we have discouraged some authorities who are reluctant to confront the perpetrators of the former and inadequately offer help to those who have been dehumanized.


Saturday, June 15

Plenary Session II I The Vision of Briarwood Counseling Ministry for the Next Five Years—Dr. Greg Norfleet

WK-2A Depression: Slipping In and Out of Darkness—Cheryl Blackmon, CEU
The Psalmist asks, “Why are you cast down, O my soul?” He raises this question because he is a suffering worship leader who recalls days full of joy and gladness and wonders why his soul is now experiencing turmoil. Depression among Christians is not uncommon. The Psalmist is a biblical example, but we also know of Charles Spurgeon, John Bunyan, and others God used even as they experienced the slipping in and out of depressive darkness. This seminar looks to Psalm 42 and other Psalms that provide hope and help for Christian sufferers.

WK-2B Counseling the Sexually Defeated Man—Joe Medlock, CEU
Having made these men and their sins the focus of his biblical counseling specialty, the presenter will help the prospective counselor become better equipped to help those who have entrapped themselves in this self-degrading, self-indulging idolatrous sin. The seminar will provide insights into the nuances of this dark world and biblical counseling strategies to assist these men in breaking free.

WK-2C Women and Addiction Counseling—from teens to elders—Shirley Crowder
Women and female teens are susceptible to alcohol and drug addiction. This session will examine the common pathways for women getting caught up in this idolatrous syndrome. Biblical solutions and strategies for breaking the addiction will be considered.

Plenary Session III Solomon’s Key to Youth Becoming Overcomers—Dr. Kevin Carson, CEU
In this session, Dr. Carson will address the key ingredient for a youth to become an overcomer: the fear of God. In addition to understanding the fear of God, Dr. Carson will develop the two life skills that supplement the key ingredient for living life to God’s glory: hearing and seeing. Understanding the fear of God, an open ear, and a discerning eye provide what is necessary for youth to navigate the challenges of life around them.

WK-3A Leave the Evil of the Past in the Past: By Knowing, Thinking, and Doing the Truth—Kevin Lee, CEU
The believer’s spiritual warfare is far too often a continuing battle with past sin. This seminar will demonstrate the practical application of this biblical three-step process of knowing, thinking, and doing the truth to enable the counselee to overcome the past and glorify God in the present.

WK-3B A Financial Manager Brings a Career of Financial Experience to Counseling Family Finances—Philip Alford, CEU
Families get into financial trouble for the same reasons corporations get into financial difficulty. This seminar will biblically identify these reasons. Counsel will be presented to resolve these reasons (sins) and how to use biblical tools to restore solvency.

WK-3C Helping Children Navigate the Tsunami of Parental Divorce –Chesley Peed, CEU
Children have a variety of responses to divorce. They have the potential to act in destructive ways and grow sinful attitudes that could follow them into adulthood. This seminar will prepare the biblical counselor to identify a child’s response, construct a method of communication for the child’s level of understanding, and develop the means of helping the child establish biblically constructive thinking and behavior.”

WK-4A They’re Here: How Artificial Intelligence Can Impact Your Counseling –Brian Kult, CEU
Artificial Intelligence will provide numerous benefits and efficiencies, as with all technology and social media.  Like technology and social media, it will also lead to different paths of temptation and manifestation of sin.  How can we start to prepare to be effective in our counseling ministry? What biblical principles guide us?

WK-4B Biblically Counseling the Politically Fearful: Hope of Second Coming—Andy Wisner, CEU
Drawing upon I Peter 4:7-11 and other passages regarding the hope of the Second Coming, we will explore questions like: Does the Christian find a sense of security in stockpiling food and ammo? Various passages will be accessed to help the counselee learn to live in anticipation of His coming and find hope and joy amid the disappointing political chaos of the day. We will observe that embracing the hope of His return and engaging in three key elements of the Christian life, serious prayer, extending grace motivated by love, and joyful care for one another will be used by the Spirit of God to quell fearful and anxious souls.

WK-4C—Methods of Approaching Completing Certification Exams–Staff

WK-4 D Optional Workshop

Methods of Approaching Completing Certification Exams—Staff
Several ACBC-certified Lay Counselors will present their approach to completing the exams. There will be ample opportunity to query the staff on difficult exam questions.


Registration and Payment

(-$25 early-bird rate ends April 30)

$175 per Individual
$200 per Married Couple
$100 per Briarwood Counselor
+$40 Pre-Conference price