This September Briarwood welcomed our 90th Fellow, and as Fellows Director Seth Richardson considered this, he thought of Isaiah 43:3–4, “For I am the Lord your God… Because you are precious in My eyes, and honored, and I love you, I give men in return for you, peoples in exchange for your life.” The immediate context points to the extent the Lord will go to redeem his people, but the thought that captured him was the idea of giving people in exchange for one’s life.

We are thankful for the Fellows that the Lord has brought to us. It has been a joy to see them grow in Christ, embrace their calling, then move into the world to serve. These Fellows belong to a fraternity of friends who have committed to living a seamless life for Christ…a seamless life is one committed to seeing the Gospel transform every area of who they are to think and act biblically.

But we’re equally thankful for the many at Briarwood who have given their lives in exchange for the life of one of our Fellows. Over the last 8 years, hundreds of Briarwood members have given their time, energy, and resources to see the next generation of leaders developed in our church and for our world. From mentors who faithfully offer their listening ear, to host families who give up their own space, or our board members who have invested countless hours to see the vision and mission of the Briarwood Fellows succeed, thanks to all—whether Fellows or volunteers—who give their lives away in exchange for Christ and His Kingdom!

A New Year
The Fellows began their year with the annual Wilderness Retreat. This is a time where the group begins to get to know each other by sharing testimonies of how God has worked through their lives, sharing meals together and spending time outside. Since then, our fellows have started their jobs and seminary classes and have really jumped into all that this year will hold.


Leadership Lunch
The Fellows also had the opportunity to meet with leaders from our city. They heard from Dr. Jon Adcock about how the Lord has been using him through his specific vocation and the path that led him to be a labor and delivery doctor.



Outside of work, seminary, and church, the Fellows have kept busy in their first month. From making brunch together on the weekends to studying for seminary, to game nights…they’ve had a lot of fun together as a group. They even made it to a 6:00 a.m. workout class together!

Please see the Fellows webpage by clicking here.

Would you like to start well? Applications for the 2020–2021 class of Briarwood Fellows are officially open!