Student Registration 2019-2020

Online registration is now open.

YOU MUST COMPLETE A SEPARATE ONLINE FORM FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL STUDENT. If you have more than one student and are concerned about getting a particular class for one of them, complete that registration first. Each entry will be day/time stamped down to the second.

Everyone will have to fill out the same form. It is recommended that, if available,  you use a computer or tablet to make entering your information easier.

  • We recommend you download the appropriate forms and fill them out so you will have your information handy for completing the online form. You will not turn these in if completing registration online. Be sure to look for “*” required fields within the form. If you do not have an answer for a required field, other than phone or email, you may use “n/a” as an answer.
    Current Student registration form   New Student registration forms
  • You should also have the list of your preferred classes in order of first, second, and third choice using the abbreviation before each class in the brochure.
  • Have your credit card on hand as well so you won’t have to run get it once you have filled out all the online information. Be sure to enter your information carefully.
  • Once you hit the Register button, you should receive an email notification, a payment receipt, and be immediately redirected to a revised version of the registration page that directs you to other links related to the 2019-2020 session. If you are NOT redirected and DO NOT receive an email, but rather are put back to the page with the blank form, your registration did NOT go through. Also, be sure you fill out all required fields.



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