Dr. Harry L. Reeder III

Powerball and State Gambling

What Does the Bible Say?

The Issue of Life and Responding to the Issues of the Day

The Sanctity of Life as an Issue and a Learning Moment

Seven Observations On Effective Leadership in a Local Church

Leadership in Biblical Perspective

The Essential Evidence of the Authentic Christian

Led by the Spirit

Christophany #4—The Angel of the Lord and the Sacrifice of Isaac

From Christophanies to Epiphanies

The Theophany of the Incarnation

Christophany #3—The Glory Cloud

Christophany #2—The Captain of the Lord’s Host

From Christophanies to Epiphanies

Christophany #1—The Angel of the Lord in the Burning Bush

From Christophanies to Epiphanies

How Christ Governs the Family

What Does the Bible Say?