Sojourn on the Veld


William Boehms Norton

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Sojourn on the Veld is the story of a young American engineer who served the Tswana homeland from 1978 to 1980, the height of apartheid. The author and his teammates lived in the black township of Montshiwa and worked with black and white South Africans in the homeland government. The story involves the author’s struggles with his spiritual growth and his dependence on the close brotherhood of his team. It details the trials, hard work, and joys of advancing the message of Jesus Christ. It reveals the deep appreciation the author developed for all South Africans and his love for their diverse and beautiful land. The team were staff members with Campus Crusade for Christ trained in evangelism and discipleship. They were twenty-somethings, just out of college, and, for most of the group, this was their first experience outside the US. Along with ministry, the group worked as health professionals, teachers/instructors, and engineers. Sojourn on the Veld provides the unique perspectives on ministry, work, and culture of an American embedded in South Africa during apartheid.