Inerrancy: You Better Learn This Word


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George Shamblin


Is Jesus the only way to Heaven? What should we believe about gender and sexuality? What part should the Church play in politics or social issues? These are just a few of the many questions being asked by Christians, the spiritually curious, and the openly antagonistic alike.

But is Christianity a buffet? Did Jesus divide His teachings for us to pick and choose based on our feelings or current appetite?

In Inerrancy, George Shamblin argues that the way Christians view biblical inerrancy (the infallible truth of the Bible) is the main point on which the Church will stand or fall, that it is the most critical issue facing modern Christianity.

Inerrancy is an unashamed affirmation of the truth of Scripture and its importance to the future of God’s Church. It’s also a reminder that compromise is a slippery slope―that Christians and churches who sacrifice Scripture on the altar of cultural relevance will eventually find themselves conceding principle after principle until their reason for existence is left behind.

Through real-world examples and personal stories, with a bit of humor and plenty of hard truths, Shamblin shares how the ultimate truth of God’s Word can and should act as the ultimate filter for everything we face in the world.