Supervised Dressing Room Service

The Supervised Dressing Room is required for Briarwood Christian School children K4 through 6th who come directly from school or the after-school care program. Our dressing room supervisor will pick up children from the school and assist them as needed to prepare for class. After class the student is either picked up by a parent/authorized adult or returned to the school.

This service is available Monday through Friday 12:45-5:00 p.m. It is not offered on days when Briarwood School is closed. There is an additional fee of $150 due by August 15 or the day you enroll if later.

FAQ’s about this service

Once you are signed up, download this handout for more information you need to know: Dressing Room Handout

There are several days throughout the year when dressing room service may still be available if Briarwood School has early dismissal. The general rule of thumb is-if after-school care programs are running, Ballet’s supervised dressing services are running.


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