Study of the Book of Esther

Ladies join us for ten weeks as we explore the Book of Esther together online. 

Available: Starting the week of March 23

Where: In the Women’s Ministry Audio (listed on the bar above)

What: Weekly audio recordings of teaching through the book of Esther

Who: anyone who would like to join us

Schedule of Teaching:
Week 1: Background and Foundations
Week 2: Esther 1
Week 3: Esther 2:1–18
Week 4: Esther 2:19–3:15
Week 5: Esther 4
Week 6: Esther 5
Week 7: Esther 6
Week 8: Esther 7
Week 9: Esther 8
Week 10: Esther 9/10

If you would like to take this study a step further, the weekly homework is available to be used in conjunction with the study. The homework begins with preparation for Esther chapter 1. Download Homework

We will also have a closed Facebook group for this study. We will post handouts, extra information, and provide a platform to interact with the material together. If you are interested in joining this Facebook group, go to the Facebook page (Briarwood Women’s Ministry Esther Study) and request to be a member.