We are very excited about our summer study in the Book of Philippians. We know that this book will be a source of encouragement and a beautiful reminder of what we have in Christ!

This summer our drop-in study will look a bit different due to social distancing requirements. We will not be meeting in person (at least for the first few studies). Please click here to access a new video each Tuesday, June 9—July 14.  If our social distancing requirements ease throughout the summer, we will keep you notified as to the changes.

Along with our summer study in Philippians, we would like to encourage you to participate in our summer Scripture Writing Plan for the book of Philippians. If you have never participated in Scripture Writing, I would encourage you to join us this summer. Writing slows us down to think on each word in a passage. It gives us the opportunity to reflect on a word or phrase that pops out as we write. In preparation for each Summer Study lesson, we would like to encourage you to join us in Scripture Writing Philippians.