Mission Trip to Greece

Thursday, July 18, we had the opportunity to share with you about our trip and the ministries we engaged with while in Greece. One of the ministries we mentioned that works with gypsy (Roma) children is called Petalouda. Click here to visit the website where you can watch the video with more details about the type of work that is being done.



At our July 18th Greece Report we showed the bracelets that the women in the House made as a fundraiser. We still have some bracelets available for you to purchase in the Women’s Ministry Office. $20 for the single strands and $25 for the double strands. All the money goes back to the Community House Damaris.





Below is part of the most recent newsletter sent from Community House Damaris. At the bottom of their newsletter you will also find ways that you can directly give to their organization and mission. (Your Faith Promise giving does go to support the Petrous family—Dina serves as the director of Community House Damaris. So definitely keep supporting Faith Promise!)

Greetings from Damaris House

“A few weeks ago at one of our Celebration Days, one of our participants from Morocco broke down in tears during an open sharing time. After just a few weeks back with us, she opened up about the love, family atmosphere, and new beginning she has found at Damaris.
‘This is the first time in my life when people listen to me, not even my family in Morocco would listen to me.’
We love that, at Damaris, we can foster an atmosphere of recovery and new beginnings. At the same time, we can also foster an atmosphere full of the love of God and love of a family. So, in light of that spirit, here are some of the ways we have been celebrating new beginnings this summer and look forward to more opportunities.”

In May, one of our participants graduated from Phase I and received a full ride scholarship to university at the American College of Greece! She began courses this summer and will continue with her full-time studies in psychology and communication this fall. Please pray for her as she begins university and continues navigating the integration process!

In June, there was a beautiful and shocking moment when the door of the safe house rang one evening. At the gate was one of our former Syrian participants, who showed up homeless and 8 months pregnant. We got her safely to hotel and began to discuss her options the following day. We are joyful to say that she has re-entered the safe house and committed to restarting her recovery program! Please pray for a healthy delivery of her baby boy expected to arrive this August.

In August, we will take some time to rest with our girls by giving them the opportunity to take a summer holiday at a Christian summer camp in the north of Greece. Most of our girls will go, and we expect it to be positive time of rest for them but also to hear the Word of God!

Lastly, we need to ask your prayer for a new office space. At the end of this summer, we need to move our office due to a rent increase requested by our landlord. Many of our staff have been faithfully looking for a space conducive to all of our daily activities – classroom, daycare, psychology appointments, and staff offices. The search has been difficult and the properties are expensive, however we believe the Lord has the perfect place waiting in his timing! Will you please pray for us in this moving process?


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