Mission Trip to Greece

We are so thrilled that God has opened the door for Briarwood Church to go to Greece this year through a short term mission trip for women. It is going to be such a blessing to go and work with the Community House Damaris in Athens, Greece.

The Community House Damaris is a Christ-centered safe house based in Athens, Greece offering a long-term recovery program (from 3 to 7 years) for women, age 18 to 35, and their children who have been or are at high risk of sexual exploitation or trafficking. The program is designed to guide survivors into full rehabilitation and reintegration into society through four steps:

  • Intake Phase
  • Phase 1 – recovery program
  • Phase 2 – job shadowing program
  • Phase 3 – aftercare

Our team will be participating in Phase 1 of the program. We will specifically serve at the end of Phase 1 during the Celebration Week. The focus of the Celebration Week is therapeutic crafts and relationship building. We will have the opportunity to share our faith and encourage the women in the Lord. Part of our focus will extend to encouragement and support of the staff who daily care for the women of the Community House Damaris.  In addition to our time serving at the Community House Damaris, we will have the opportunity to engage with the Petaluda Roma kids ministry, as well.

The Community House Damaris is part of the various ministries that are run by our Briarwood supported missionaries, Argyris and Dina Petrou. Due to the nature of the work we are doing, this team is a small team of four women including Lynda Lamb, Linda Keffer, Heather McDougall, and Kristie Harrick. The team will depart for Greece on June 4 and return on June 15.

We do ask that you would pray for our team as we prepare, raise support, and seek the Lord’s guidance and preparation of our own hearts as we seek to follow Him in serving the Community House Damaris. For more information or to find out more about how you can help, please contact kharrick@briarwood.org.

***The WOC’s desire is to plan short term mission trips specifically designed for women to go and serve in ministries where only women would have access to serve. If you are interested in future teams, please email kharrick@briarwood.org. We hope to start planning for 2020 in the next few months.