Breakout Session 3— 11:30 a.m.–12:15 p.m.

Transitioning into Motherhood: Peggy Adams and Carol Gould

Often when women transition into motherhood, they discover they have placed unrealistic expectations on themselves and others. Therefore, one of the most important concepts to accept is that they are perfectly imperfect. As new moms make a shift from two, to three or more, we encourage young women to do the best you can do and not strive for perfection, in herself or others. In this break out group we will look at changes one might expect when the little one comes.

Intended Audience: New mothers


Relationship: How do we Make them Work?: Annette Blake

Titus 2 and Proverbs 31 give us some great tips on how women can encourage one another on living our lives according to God’s pattern. Let’s talk about it!

Intended Audience: Anybody





Becoming What Your Are Beholding: Elizabeth Bondurant

Do you have a longing to see more transformation in your life as you walk with Christ? This session is for you. We will dig into the truth of the Gospel to see that it is not just about being covered in Christ – for that is only the beginning!! But it is also about being conformed to Christ in our daily living.

Intended Audience: Anybody




Finding Life Balance for Busy Moms: Elizabeth Ellerbee

A mom is often juggling all kinds of roles and responsibilities such as her relationship with her husband, taking care of her children’s physical, spiritual, and emotional needs, trying to maintain her relationship with the Lord, working outside or inside the home, and maintaining friendships to name a few! How does a busy mom manage it all? Join us for practical encouragement and tips to help moms find that needed life balance.

Intended Audience: Busy Moms



Single Mothers in the Church: Amanda Skinner

As the Church, we are called to see single moms as God sees them: made in His image, chosen, beloved and worthy of dignity, respect and compassion. In light of this, what then should we as the church do? Whether you are a single mom or know a single mom, come hear how you can show God’s love to this unique part of the body of Christ.

Intended Audience: Single moms, and friends/family of single moms



Discipling Your College-Aged Women: Jenna Viets, Caroline Brown, and Heather Purser

College is a formative time of growth for many students, where their faith is solidified as they make it their own and grow in independence. What does it look like to disciple students during this unique season? How do we engage them in conversation, and what should we be talking about? Join us for a discussion about discipleship during the college years.

Intended Audience: Moms of college aged students