The Real State of the Union (2014)




Hear all sessions of the Westminster Seminary Conference held at Briarwood November 9–10, 2014, including the two Question and Answer panels. Topics featured included:

Dr. William Edgar: What is Culture? The Spirit of the Age and the Spirit of Christ

Dr. Ligon Duncan: The Church in Culture: What will Christians, Churches, and Seminaries Face in the Next Generation?

Question and Answer session: Moderator – Dr. Harry Reeder, Panel – Drs. William Edgar, Ligon Duncan and James Kurth.

Dr. Harry Reeder: The Messy Messiah State

Dr. Peter Lillback: Church and State Tomorrow: Where the Spirit of the Lord is, There is Liberty

Question and Answer session: Moderator – Mr. Bruce Stallings, Panel – Drs. Harry Reeder, Peter Lillback and James Kurth.

Presented on five audio CDs.

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