Christian Manhood Illustrated




One of our Bookstore’s most popular items! This six-session series by Dr. Harry L. Reeder III outlines the principles of Christian manhood as seen in the lives of George Washington Carver, Joshua Chamberlain, Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Booker T. Washington. From the battlefield at Gettysburg to the classroom at Tuskegee, these lectures are rich with wonderful history and emphasize Christian character and leadership. Dr. Reeder discusses the source from which these men drew their bravery, character, and success and how we, in turn, can learn from their experiences and influence. As we listen to the history surrounding these men, we see how their faith and Christian character made them the great leaders that they were. The six-CD set includes the following topics:

  • The Character of a Christian Man  (58:35)
  • The Two Virtues of Christian Manhood  (55:39)
  • The Five Traits of Christian Manhood, Part 1  (57:45)
  • The Five Traits of Christian Manhood, Part 2 (52:46) / The Indispensable Doctrine for Christian Manhood (26:44)
  • Question and Answer Session  (23:25)
  • Lesson Powerpoint Files (CD-ROM)

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