Annotations on a Letter That Changed the World from a Birmingham Jail





Displaying the power and rhetoric of a reformer’s sermon, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter From Birmingham Jail was penned on scraps of paper, without any reference materials, in a barren jail cell in Birmingham, Alabama, in April of 1963. As a little known, yet unfathomably profound epistle amplifying theological truth and the historical significance of America’s civil and religious liberties, the breadth of knowledge, the penetrating insight, and the grasp of historical thinkers and their specific words revealed in this letter are nothing less than a testimony to genius. Now fully annotated and footnoted by historian and bestselling author Dr. Peter Lillback, Letter From Birmingham Jail takes its place as one of America’s most valuable and noteworthy manifestos of not only the civil rights movement, but also of our nation’s ceaseless journey to preserve its enduring freedoms.” – Providence Forum Press

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