Fishing Pond



For the purpose of thinning out the fish population in the pond, located next to the BYG ministry, we are making the pond available for open fishing, without adhering to the catch and release policy, from Saturday October 9 to Saturday, October 23. No license is required. The automatic feeders have been turned off, so you will find the fish to be hungry! There will be a clip board at the boathouse, with pertinent information we wish to receive, such as length of time fished, number of fish caught, measured length, etc. The pond will be open for fishing from 8:00–5:00 p.m. Monday–Saturday. NO Sunday fishing allowed! For additional questions, call 776-5231. Please limit your catch to five per person.


During a recent pond assessment provided the Southeastern Pond Management, they have made the following recommendations.

+  Largemouth bass, 14 inches and smaller can be harvested. Larger ones need to be returned to the pond. Any bluegills caught, should also be released back into the water, as they are our predator fish, which the bass rely on as their primary food source. Also, please release any tagged fish.

+  If you are fortunate enough to catch a carp, do not release it back into the pond. Our 1 acre pond has an over-abundance of carp; one was recently caught weighing 25-30lbs. This size pond should only keep 3-4 carp, but we have seen a school of 15+. Carp are a boney fish, and not edible. As an FYI for any carp fishermen—remember they are bottom feeders, and the deepest portion in the center, is 20 feet deep. If caught, throw over the fence, and allow the birds to enjoy it.