Hallelujah! A Briarwood Christmas in Living Portraits

December 15 • 6:00 p.m.
Worship Center

The Briarwood Music and Drama Ministries present our annual Christmas concert:

Breath of Heaven  Grant/Smith (Kimberly Goolsby, soloist)
Hallelujah, Light Has Come  Barlow (Baylee Wichlan, soloist)
No Eye Had Seen  Smith (Audrey Jowers, Darryl Stracner, soloists)
Selections from the Bach Christmas Oratorio, arr. Haines:
“Glory Be to God”
“Christians Be Joyful”
“Thee With Tender Care”
“King of all Kings”
“Jesus Who Didst Ever Guide”
“Ah, Dearest Jesus”
“And When Herod; Then Herod”  (Soloist, Dr. Brad Diamond)
“Lord, When Our Foes”
“And When They Heard; And Being Warned”  (Soloist, Dr. Brad Diamond)
All is Well  Smith  (Luke Philley, soloist)
O Holy Night  Krogstad  (Audrey Jowers, soloist)
Salvation is Created  Tchesnokov, orch. Brown/Haines  (Ralph McLeod, guest dramatist and narrator)
Selections from Handel’s Messiah:
“Worthy is the Lamb”

Admission is free. Click here to make Nursery reservations.SPACE