Do Science and the Bible contradict? How old is the Earth? Is Genesis History?
Join us as we consider these questions and more.



Dr. Tackett is the architect and teacher of The Truth Project—a worldwide small group initiative designed to instill a Christian worldview within the body of Christ. Truth Project small groups are currently active in over 130 countries and estimates are that five to seven million people have attended the study. He is currently working on a new three-part series that will greatly expand that original work and present critical follow-on worldview material with the hope and prayer to see the Body of Christ vibrant and active, changing the world one neighbor at a time.

He recently wrote and co-hosted the television series Cross Examine, presenting biblical worldview teaching through the use of real-life stories.

Dr. Tackett is one of the founders of New Geneva Theological Seminary and a professor of numerous worldview courses. He continues to serve on their Board and as an adjunct professor. Dr. Tackett also teaches as an adjunct professor for the Alliance Defense Fund’s Blackstone Fellowship and for Summit Ministries.

He completed more than 20 years of service in the United States Air Force. During the George H. W. Bush administration, he served at the White House, where he was appointed by President Bush as the director of technical planning for the National Security Council. Dr. Tackett has held positions in various senior engineering, analyst and management capacities at Kaman Sciences Corporation and ITT Industries. As a professor, Dr. Tackett has taught more than 30 undergraduate and graduate courses at numerous institutions on topics ranging from philosophy and worldview to science and management.

Dr. Tackett holds three earned degrees (D.M., Colorado Technical University; M.S., Auburn University; B.S., Kansas State University). Dr. Tackett is married and has four grown children and resides in Black Forest, Colorado.


Thomas Purifoy is a creative filmmaker who develops unique learning resources intended to advance the Kingdom of God. He oversees three companies: Compass Cinema, which produces feature-length documentaries and dramatic films; Compass Classroom, which creates and distributes homeschool video curriculum; and Compass Creative, providing video and marketing services to clients. Thomas produced, wrote, and directed the feature documentary “Is Genesis History?” in 2017. The film was narrated by fellow guest speaker, Del Tackett.

Thomas served as Director/Teacher at the American School of Lyon, France, and prior to that served as an officer in the U.S. Navy. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University.



Dr. Austin is a field research geologist who has conducted research on six of the seven continents of the world. His research has taken him by helicopter into the crater on Mount St. Helens, by bush plane onto glaciers in Alaska, by raft through the Grand Canyon, on horseback into the high Sierra, by elevator into the world’s deepest coal mines, by SCUBA onto the Great Barrier Reef, by rail into Korean backcountry, by foot onto barren plateaus of southern Argentina, and by four-wheel drive into remote desert areas of Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Austin received his PhD from Pennsylvania State University in sedimentary geology.