Frequently Asked Questions

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Member FAQs

  • How Do I View or Download the Sunday Bulletin?

    The Bulletin is uploaded every week on Wednesday or Thursday. It can help you prepare for the upcoming service, or find out what you missed on prior Sundays. Go to the Sunday Bulletin page.

  • How Can I Watch a Sunday Service?

    You can watch the Sunday morning service live, online at, or watch the previous Sunday’s service anytime at Briarwood also airs both the 8:00 a.m. and 10:55 a.m. services live on our radio station, WLJR-FM, 88.5.

  • How Do I Stream or Download a Sermon?

    Sermon downloads are one of our most requested features. We offer MP3 files of all sermons from the past several years, free of charge. To listen to or download a sermon audio or text file, simply go directly to Sermon Audio Library.

  • How Do I Contact Briarwood?

    Contacting Briarwood is simple! You can always click the link at the bottom of the page, or click here.

  • How Can I Reserve Audio or Video Equipment?

    Briarwood is equipped to interface with the HDMI format. Please be sure your equipment is ready to connect to HDMI by bringing any necessary dongles or adapters with you. If you need any audio/visual equipment, or would like a meeting to be recorded, please complete and submit the form below. For questions regarding your request, email Lee Watford or call him at 205-776-5294.

  • How Can I Use the Kitchen?

    The Briarwood Kitchen is used to serve the church in a number of ways. The kitchen comes alongside the ministry to serve the Body of Christ by providing food and beverages to church members, visitors and guests. Each week could have a combination of events such as Banquets, Wednesday Night Fellowship, Receptions, Lunch or Dinner meetings, Beverage and Coffee Services, Fellowship Meals or snacks for conferences. We feed over 30,000 people each year and are continuing to grow. Sherri Blahnik, Food Service Director, is happy to assist you with planning or managing the event for you. If you are interested in using the kitchen please contact Sherri Blahnik at 205.776.5374.

  • How Can I Reserve a Room at Briarwood?

    The Facilities Services Department would certainly like to be among those who would offer you a few tips on how to make use of and enjoy the wonderful facilities that the Lord has provided us. For approved functions and activities, you have available to you the main church complex itself, the Caroline House and the Mountain View Building.  Should you want to reserve a room or area of the church or one of the other buildings you can do so simply by contacting our Facilities Assistant at via email or by calling 205.776.5317.

  • What Is “The Weekly” and How Do I View or Download It?

    The Briarwood Weekly is Briarwood’s weekly newsletter, with events, announcements, facts and all manner of things surrounding Briarwood. To download it, visit the Briarwood Weekly page.