A simple but clear Gospel presentation is being used in Everyday Evangelism (ev2) to win thousands of souls to Christ across America and around the world. ev2 is transforming churches by equipping lay people to share their faith through on-the-job witnessing experiences. Originally called Evangelism Explosion, or EE, in 1996 EE IV was in every nation and had a celebration that included representatives from all 211 nations.

In 1988, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, working in cooperation with Evangelism Explosion International, became an EE clinic base church. Since that time, Briarwood has trained and equipped more than 1,000 pastors, missionaries, and church leaders in the New Testament principles of personal evangelism. Briarwood is excited to be helping set churches afire for evangelistic outreach.

Briarwood has two semesters of ev2 each year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall.
Classes are held on Wed. nights 6:30–9:30 p.m. and on Thurs. mornings 9:00 a.m.–noon.

To sign up for the classes or for more information, please contact Dan Allison. For more information, visit Evangelism Explosion International.


Your Everyday Evangelism (ev2) Leadership Training experience will give you a ROLE MODEL for your own thirteen-week ev2 Training Semester at your local church.

Through the involvement with a host congregation that has a strong ev2 Ministry, you will see first-hand how to establish an ev2 Training Ministry in your local church. You will receive the teaching notes (Level I Leader’s Kit, Volume I) to be used in guiding the local church weekly lecture sessions. A copy of the Level I Training Notebook used by trainees, a copy of the EE Textbook, Evangelism Explosion, by Dr. D. James Kennedy, and copies of other important supplemental booklets and materials are all included in your clinic fees.

The five days of ev2 Leadership Training also include lectures, demonstrations, practice sessions, prayer groups, worship periods, and three nights of On-The-Job Training. More than three decades of field-testing and revisions have provided ev2 with world-class training materials that have been tried and proven in hundreds of churches all over the USA and around the world. Attendance at all sessions, all days of the clinic is required.


Pastors and Church Leaders who will be leading and teaching the ev2 Ministry in their churches should attend a clinic. The pastor’s leadership in ev2 is crucial. Experience has proven that pastors need to be involved to ensure a growing ev2 Ministry. Whenever possible at least one other staff member or lay person with teacher potential should attend the clinic with the pastor. Prior training in a local thirteen-week semester is beneficial but not required.


Following the five-day clinic, pastors receive certification as Teacher/Trainers and lay persons will become Lay Teacher/Trainers after additional OJT. This certification qualifies you to teach all levels of ev2, to certify individuals of your congregation as trainers and to maintain a quality ministry in your church.