National Ministries Conference Schedule 2017

Sunday, October 22

8:00 A.M.                    Early Morning Worship

9:30 A.M.                    Congregational Communities – Ministry Partners share

10:55 A.M.                  Late Morning Worship

6:00 P.M.                     Evening Worship

6:45 P.M.                     Ministry Partner Glimpses

7:20 P.M.                     Dessert and Displays

(Nursery open 8:00 A.M.–12:15 P.M. and *6:00 P.M.–7:30 P.M.)

*Nursery Reservations for evening events are required –

Monday, October 23

5:15 P.M.                     Dinner (*Dinner reservations are not required)

6:30 P.M.                     Evening Worship

7:10 P.M.                     Ministry Partner Glimpses

7:50 P.M.                     Dessert and Displays

(Nursery open *6:30 P.M–8:00 P.M.) *Nursery Reservations are required