Children’s Missions

Sunday GLOW Recap

Sunday Morning

What a great time we had yesterday in 4th thru 6th grade Sunday School and Children’s Worship hearing from our missionary, Lynn Smith, who serves in a sensitive country. Ask your children to show you how the people in her country greet each other when they are happy.

Ms. Lynn really showed the children how God prepared her when she was young for the work she is doing today. Pray with your child about how God is preparing them for their future work.

Sunday Night

We were so excited to give all our Sunday Night attendees a FREE T-shirt! We hope each child enjoyed GLOWING through the hallway. The kids received passports which were stamped at customs and received GLOW missionary bracelets and GLOW necklaces.

The children learned about the biblical principle of “Blessed to Be a Blessing.” They prayed for missionaries around the world and played a memory verse (Mark 10:45) relay game. And we know you saw their surprise appearance in the sanctuary! That was exciting for all of us and we ask that you please pray for these children that they will become the next generation of prayers, senders, and goers.

We also enjoyed hearing about God’s faithfulness through Barry & Dee Dee Rush. These servants have been Briarwood missionaries for 40 years. Pray with and for your child that they will be faithful like the Rushes.

Monday GLOW Recap

Thank you for bringing your children to GLOW the past two nights! It has been encouraging to see our covenant children excited to come and learn about Global Missions.

Last night Ben Church came to speak to us about church planting in Uganda. He explained that while many in Uganda say they are Christians, most do not worship the one true God.

Discuss with your child the difference between only Jesus and Jesus plus anything else.

Remember to pray for the Churches (their last name is Church) as they return to Uganda in two weeks.

We also learned about Faith Promise. Ask your child the difference between regular giving to Briarwood and Faith Promise giving.

Also, ask how they (or you as a family) can participate by giving to Global Missions at Briarwood.

In addition to the GLOW missionary bracelet and GLOW necklace, last night’s GLOW swag was a book about Gladys Aylward, a missionary to China and Taiwan. We hope they will read it and be encouraged by her story.

Tuesday GLOW Recap

We have had such a great week at GLOW! We hope your children are becoming more and more excited about Global Missions. Have you heard snippets of our GLOW songs? It’s such a joyful experience to hear your children worshipping God.

Bethany Joy Alms was our missionary guest last night. She taught us about Nicaragua and told us about her ministry to children there.

Talk to your child about the fun balloon and water illustration.

During our time together we focused on three ways to participate in Faith Promise Giving: Trusting God, Earning Extra Money, and Sacrificing.

Ask your child how well Hannah, Jake, and Jay helped Raleigh earn money by doing extra chores.

In addition to the GLOW missionary bracelet and glow necklace, last night’sGLOW swag was squishy globe balls.

Wednesday GLOW Recap

Being with your kids this week has been a blessing to us, the Children’s Ministry team. We have enjoyed worshipping with them every night, teaching them about Faith Promise, and learning about different parts of the world and what God is doing there in and through Briarwood-supported missionaries.

Our last missionary guest was Debby and Bob Sjogren. They travel to Kenya each year and have developed relationships there. A current project is building a two-room school for Muslim children to be staffed by Christian teachers.

Ask your children to tell you about the long and dangerous road children travel now! Pray that God will bring all the money needed for this school project.

When making your Faith Promise Commitment this week remember to get to get your kids involved. This will be a great opportunity for them to see the Lord work and provide for missions.

In addition to the GLOW missionary bracelet and glow necklace, last night’sGLOW swag was a GLOW drawstring backpack! We hope they enjoyed all the prizes for coming this week. May each serve as a reminder to pray for our missionaries and global missions.

Note from Pastor Jay:

Parents, what an amazing week of GLOW with your children! We hope and pray that they had a fun time but more importantly that they walked away with a greater understanding of the gospel and a deeper burden for missions!

At GLOW, we were able to hear from four missionaries that are currently serving all over the world! As you continue discussions at home please encourage them to continue praying that God will do a wonderful work through these missionaries.

Our prayer is that each child would GO LIGHT OUR WORLD for the gospel! Thank you for your support, involvement, encouragement, and prayers!