Women Impacting the World

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“Revelation 1–3”
A class for women of all walks and stages of life. This quarter we will continue looking at chapters 1-3 of Revelation. These chapters contain God’s messages to the seven churches of Asia. See how His messages recorded by John so long ago still speak to the church today. Teacher: Vicki Portis. Team Leaders: Donna Arrington, Tricia Corbett, Vicki Portis.

Where: A-205

Community & Shepherding Pastor: Dave Lewis, 205.776.5347

Lesson Video

9/1/20–Michele Cantley 10/4/20–Michele Cantley 11/15/20–Michele Cantley
9/8/20–Michele Cantley 10/11/20–Michele Cantley 11/29/20–Michele Cantley
9/13/20–Michele Cantley 10/25/20–Michele Cantley
9/20/20–Michele Cantley 11/1/20–Michele Cantley
9/28/20–Michele Cantley 11/8/20–Michele Cantley